How You Found the Right Treatment for Age Spots

You hate to admit it, but you're definitely not as young as you used to be. You thought you would be blessed with the good skin of your mother, but it seems that benefit has skipped over a generation. Your skin, once glowing and taut, is now dull and wrinkly.

You can't take looking at your dilapidated skin any longer, and the first step is to get some treatment for age spots. You are a thrifty woman, and as such you want to make sure that you first seek out inexpensive methods. In one of those magazines that you read while in line at the grocery store, one of the articles said that an effective treatment for age spots is doubling up on vitamins.

You, for whatever reason, have decided that the first treatment for age spots that you will try is drinking lots and lots of orange juice. Yes, you've decided that it must have something to do with Vitamin C. You embark upon a vigorous training program in which you guzzle a gallon of orange juice.

Well, several weeks later, you've gained nothing but acid reflux and a slightly orange complexion. So, you have decided to see a dermatologist. The dermatologist raises an eyebrow when you tell him about your Vitamin C regimen, and calmly orders laser treatment for age spots. Several weeks later, your skin is taking on a pleasantly even tone. You're told that in a few more weeks, your age spots will disappear. Regardless, you still love orange juice.

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