Information About Facial Reconstruction Techniques

The Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) is a virus that takes its toll on the person suffering from it slowly. The same can be said of people who are suffering from cancer, or other such serious conditions. Those who have these serious illnesses often end up losing much of their facial fat, so they start looking for ways to restore themselves to a healthier-looking appearance.

One of the facial reconstruction techniques that people might thus choose to use is Sculptra. This procedure, designed to be minimally invasive, is administered in the form of injections. These injections will, over time, begin to improve the thickness of the skin. It should be noted that this is the only goal, because it is not meant to replace fat.

Specifically, the Sculptra injections are administered just below the topmost layer of the skin. Many people who are thinking about Sculptra would probably want to know how safe it is. It is designed to be biocompatible. The procedure itself will be spread out over several sessions. Usually, the minimum amount of sessions is three, and the maximum amount of sessions is six. The exact amount of sessions that a patient might need all depends on how damaged their skin consistency is.

Another thing that prospective patients would probably be curious to know is in regard to how long it takes to see results. After the first couple of Sculptra treatments results will become visible, and once all of the treatments have been administered, the total results should last for a couple of years.

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