Information for Those Interested in Getting a Botox Cosmetic Injection

There are two different ways that people deal with the lines and wrinkles on their face. The first way is done by laidback people, who are not overly concerned with them. They view them as natural signs of aging, and nothing more. Then, there are the people who are very concerned with getting old. These people want to look youthful for as long as possible.

So, it comes as no surprise that these are the kinds of people who are interested in having a Botox cosmetic injection or two. Because of the role that the Botox cosmetic injection has played in popular culture, many people think that such an anti-aging treatment is done only by celebrities or the exceptionally vain.

This misconception was brought about by the fact that the entertainment industry is a place where people have to look perfect. They have to play the parts in movies that the movie-going public fantasizes about. Otherwise, these actors and actresses have no career. By getting these injections, they can prolong their career, and cultural appeal, especially in an age of high-definition televisions.

Actually, people from all walks of life have gotten a Botox cosmetic injection, if for not for their career, then simply as a way of gaining back some self-esteem. They might want to get these kinds of injections because they are going to a reunion or some sort, or simply because they want to give themselves a present.

How does a Botox cosmetic injection work? The solution in the injection is a dermal filler, which means that it will fill out the lines and wrinkles when it is injected into the upper epidermal layers of the face. People tend to like to get these kinds of injections on their forehead, cheeks, and around their eyes.

A person cannot just decide to get these kinds of injections and then just walk into a dermatologist's office and have the procedure done. First, the person will need to choose a dermatologist that specializes in these kinds of injections, is fully accredited, and has many reputable testimonials.

When this has been accomplished, the person will need to schedule a consultation. During the consultation, additional questions will be asked, and the dermatologist will take pictures of the person's face. Then the dermatologist will circle the areas that need to be worked on, and those are the areas that will be treated.

It is very important for people to realize that it is best to leave at least some lines on the face. If a person has too many injections (which dermatologists take every precaution to avoid), they will have a very artificial look, and might experience numbness. The goal is to look ten years younger after a procedure – not thirty.

Basically, the procedure itself is very simple, and can be done in the dermatologist's office. The patient will be given a topical anesthetic to numb the area where the injection will be administered. Once the Botox has been injected, the results will last for about six months.

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