Is Age Spot Removal Right for You?

As a person gets older, several things start to naturally happen with their skin. Lines start to develop, because the natural elasticity of the skin starts to deplete. Also, the skin sometimes starts to become mottled with various forms of pigmentation, some of which might need medical treatment.

One of the medical treatments available to those who are suffering from the irregular pigmentation known as age spots is age spot removal. This procedure is done by a dermatologist, and the age spot removal itself involves one of two methods.

The first method for age spot removal is in the form of laser treatments. The lasers are applied to the specific locations of the irregular pigmentation, and the melanin that causes the age spots is broken down. In the second method (used for instances when the age spots are raised up off of the skin), the age spots are injected with a special solution that freezes the spots and causes them to fall off.

In order to understand the need for age spot removal, it is important to understand how age spots appear in the first place. While they do happen with age and genetics sometimes, they are also an indication of years of sun damage.

Specifically, when a person is exposed to the sun, over the years the freckles that they get start to develop more and more melanin, thus turning into age spots. Those who have them need to be screened for skin cancer, so it is very important that they seek treatment from a dermatologist.

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