Is Lipodissolve Really Something Models Should do?

For people who are constantly in the public eye, the pressure to look their best is bigger than ever. Celebrities have millions of dollars riding on their appearance, and the pressure is at its highest for celebrity models.

Believe it or not, models are regular people too, and sometimes, they need a little bit of Lipodissolve to make people forget that they aren't in fact, normal. We'd all look like a model if we never ate anything, smoked to keep thin, and worked out all day, everyday.

But, that's just not healthy, and so some models will actually eat, and do things other than working out – especially if they're on a vacation. Once the fun is over, they have to go back to looking phenomenal. So, some models might turn to Lipodissolve, thinking that they can get rid of that little tummy that eating actual food created.

Lipodissolve is a cosmetic procedure that is still new on the market. However, it is drawing a lot of attention because it incorporates a minimally-invasive technique. Specifically, Lipodissolve involves a series of injections, aimed right for the layers of fat.

You can think of fat as little tapioca balls, since that is what they resemble. The injections contain a certain type of chemical that bursts those little balls, and liquefies them. The patient is awake throughout the procedure, and there will be no scarring.

This is something that models definitely look for in any cosmetic procedures that they decide to undergo, because obviously their bodies have to be as flawless as possible. Now, you might think that any imperfections that they have can just be erased through photo editing. While this is true, extensive photo editing costs a lot of money, and companies aren't willing to pay that money if they can just got out and get a girl who is basically without flaws.

The modeling industry is a difficult one, and just as models have to stay healthy by avoiding drug addiction and eating disorders, they also have to be careful about the cosmetic procedures that they choose. In the case of this particular procedure, there are a number of serious risks that in the end make this procedure more harmful than it is beneficial.

First of all, there is the obvious downside of the chemical that is being injected. This chemical compound is never one exact thing, and so each surgeon uses something slightly different. Because of this, there are numerous side effects that people have experienced after this procedure.

Some of these side effects include puffiness, redness, allergic reactions, and infection. If a model experiences these side effects, it could very well put the model out of commission for quite a while. Additionally, this procedure is not FDA approved, so people who elect to have this procedure done do so at their own risk. Being a model might lead to fame and money, but it can also lead to serious medical and mental issues.

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