Learning About How Light Therapy Can Help to Improve Skin

When a person has their picture taken, one of the parts of the process is dealing with the bright light of the camera flash. However, without that camera flash, the picture would not turn out right, because it needs the proper lighting to make the picture subject look their best.

This technology has actually translated into a dermatological procedure known as a Foto Facial, because of its similarities to the actual photography process. A Foto Facial is sometimes done in the office of a cosmetic dermatologist, but it is also done as part of an overall spa treatment.

The Foto Facial procedure basically consists of the cosmetic dermatologist administering pulsations of light through a special medical device. These pulsations of light permeate the upper layers of the skin, thereby treating various forms of skin maladies.

What exactly does this mean? Well, for patients who are suffering from various kinds of skin pigmentation issues, sun damage, and aging, the Foto Facial light pulsations repair the damaged layers of skin via the heat of the light. The light gets rid of the damaged skin, and at the same time stimulates oxygen and blood flow to encourage the growth of new skin tissue, thereby making the skin look clearer.

Each session will take between twenty to thirty minutes. It is important to note that although some people will see improvements in their appearance very shortly after the first session, it usually will take two to three sessions over a certain period of time to achieve optimal results.

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