Learning About the Various Cosmetic Dermatology Procedures That Are Available

There are many different reasons why a person might have poor skin. Although it is commonly thought that genetics can play a significant role in the appearance of skin, the reality is that there are other things that play just as significant a role, such as whether a person smokes or likes to tan.

Regardless of the origin of various skin problems, medical technology has come up with a variety of different cosmetic dermatology procedures. Which cosmetic dermatology procedure a person is found to be a good candidate for is dependent, of course, on the skin irregularity that they are suffering from.

When a person thinks about skin irregularities, one of the first things that come to mind is acne. Indeed, there are many people who have severe acne, and in some cases, the acne leaves scarring. While some people might seek out over the counter medication, lasers are frequently used in cosmetic dermatology to eradicate the acne more quickly.

What basically happens in a laser procedure for acne is that the heat of the laser targets the skin molecules that have been damaged by the acne, and gets rid of them. At the same time, the light of the laser is strong enough to stimulate the blood flow in the skin. This increased blood flow in turn stimulates the growth of new skin tissue, which results in clearer skin.

Something that can cause a considerable amount of skin damage is prolonged exposure to the sun. Sometimes, this prolonged exposure happens when a person is in a job that requires him or her to be outside for long periods of the time. However, it most prominently happens when a person likes to sit out in the sun and tan.

Being exposed to the sun means also being exposed to the harmful ultraviolet rays that the sun emits. These rays permeate the upper layers of the skin and incite the production of a pigmentation that is called melanin. The skin produces melanin in order to protect itself. However, this materializes itself as visible pigmentation irregularities such as moles and age spots.

In such a situation, a cosmetic dermatology procedure that might be performed on them is Fraxel. This is another example of a laser procedure, with the difference being that Fraxel is more detailed, slowly revising a small fraction of the skin at a time. In addition to laser treatments, another unrelated procedure involves injections of a freezing solution. These injections work to kill the pigmented skin molecules, thus making the mole or age spot fall off.

Of course, one of the things that many people wish to get rid of is wrinkles. Wrinkles are another thing that an be caused by excessive exposure to the sun, but they can also be caused by smoking, or the natural aging process. People who want to get rid of some of their wrinkles will need to look into various dermal fillers. For more information, it is very important that the patient seek out the expertise of a cosmetic dermatologist.

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