Questions That a Cosmetic Dermatologist Should be Able to Answer

When you are considering having a procedure done that will change your looks (hopefully for the better) there is nothing more important than finding the right doctor. It can take some people the better part of a year to find a doctor that they feel comfortable being treated by.

One of the things that people want to change the most about their appearance is their skin, and that's where a cosmetic dermatologist comes in. A cosmetic dermatologist is a doctor who uses various kinds of technology to improve a person's overall facial epidermal layers. During the first consultation with the cosmetic dermatologist, the patient should ask the doctor as many questions as the doctor asks the patient.

First of all, the patient should ask the cosmetic dermatologist about his or her training. After all, the patient wants to be completely assured that the doctor knows what he or she is talking about! Also, if the patient asks the cosmetic dermatologist to see a portfolio, the dermatologist should definitely be able to provide one.

So, what kinds of procedures do people seek out from this kind of dermatologist? Well, the first thing that many people want to do is get rid of their acne. You might think that acne is something that only young adults suffer from, but it can happen to adults too, especially if their hormones react significantly to stress.

For these people, the dermatologist will most likely perform a chemical facial peel. In this procedure, a chemical is coated over the face, and left on the face for a certain amount of time. The goal of the chemical is to slowly strip off the top layers of the face where the acne resides, revealing a clear new layer.

Obviously, this procedure is painful, and will need to be completed in more than one session. The patient should ask the dermatologist about all of the possible side effects, as well as the estimated recovery time. In general, the side effects include swelling/allergic reaction to the chemical, as well as infection. The recovery time usually is very minimal.

Another thing that many people have an issue with is their wrinkles. So, they go in for one of the most popular cosmetic procedures: Botox. In this procedure, a collagen solution is injected into each wrinkle in the face to fill in the collapsed skin tissue that caused the wrinkle. People like this procedure because the pain is minimal, it can be done in minutes, and the results are instant.

However, it is important to note that Botox might be convenient, but it is also expensive. One shot alone will cost a couple hundred dollars. This is nothing to people like celebrities who have the money to get it done whenever they want, but it is definitely something to people who have other bills to pay! Also, if you're interested in getting this procedure done, you need to be aware of the fact that the results are only temporary, and will need to be done on average once a year. So, either have the financial means, or love your wrinkles!

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