Restoring Fat Loss in the Face Via Dermatological Injections

There are many different reasons why a person will start to lose fat in their face. One reason has to do with certain illnesses that a person might have. For example, a person who has an immunodeficiency virus experiences facial fat loss as part of their symptoms. Also, facial fat loss can occur as part of the aging process.

With advancements in medical technology have come various procedures such as Sculptra that can replace the facial fat that has been lost. When fat is lost in the face, it is because of a process known as lipoatrophy. When it comes to people who experience this fat loss because of aging, two of the most prevalent indicators are fine lines and wrinkles.

Sculptra is a form of poly-L-lactic acid that, when injected into the upper epidermal layers, fills out the areas of the skin that have experienced fat loss. One question that people considering having this kind of procedure done might have is whether or not Sculptra is safe. Yes, this product has been tested and found to work well with the natural chemical system of the body. In fact, the acid that is used in these kinds of injections have been used for years in such medical materials as dissolvable stitches and certain kinds of implants.

Sculptra is a procedure that is done over a period of time in order to build up the amount of fat that has been lost in the face and make the skin thicker. The results will start to be seen after a few sessions have already taken place. It is important to note that this procedure only corrects the appearance, not the actual source (such as a disease) that caused the fat loss in the first place.

A skin test will not need to be done before the treatments commence. As for the amount of injections and sessions that will need to take place, it is important to remember that these amounts will vary according to how much fat loss has taken place. However, in general, the average patient receives between three to six sessions of treatment.

When the initial treatments have been completed, the results are meant to last for about two years at a time. In order to maintain the results, the patient has the option of having additional treatments. Another thing that prospective patients will no doubt wonder about is whether or not the injections themselves hurt. A slight discomfort might be experienced, but a topical anesthetic can be applied before the injections take place.

As for what happens during an actual treatment session, the patient should make sure that they arrive with a clean face. Ladies, this means that you should not arrive wearing makeup. During a previous consultation, the patient and the doctor will discuss where the injections sites will be. These injection sites will now be cleaned with an antiseptic, and the injections will be administered. After the procedure, patients will be given some ice to apply to the injection sites, and can usually return to their regular activities.

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