Smartlipo: An Example of Technological Advancement

People from "the old days" would certainly be astounded at how we've come in the field of medicine. Before, it was just basic operations to save lives. Now, those operations have been perfected, and the science of medicine includes altering one's appearance.

Thanks to procedures like Smartlipo, people can now lose the weight that has been bothering them despite having eaten a healthy diet and exercised. Smartlipo uses laser technology in a minimally invasive procedure to, literally, blast away the fat. The laser is simply targeted at the fatty area, and penetrates the upper skin layers to do so.

Once the fat is sufficiently liquefied, a small incision is made in order to drain out the liquefied fat. This is a great improvement over other procedures in which the fat was just liquefied and nothing more. Since Smartlipo is minimally invasive, that means that there is a far less chance of there being additional bruising and swelling.

So, who is a good candidate for this kind of procedure? Well, first of all, the right candidate should be no more than twenty-five pounds away from their ideal body weight. This procedure is meant to only treat small areas of fatty deposits, not large ones. Also, the person has to be significantly bothered by the excess fat that they have. If they are in the position where they could "take it or leave it", then they are not in the right frame of mind for this procedure.

Another interesting thing about Smartlipo is that, although still a relatively new procedure in the United States, is FDA approved. This gives people the added security of knowing that the chances of having successful results is greatly increased. Plus, as opposed to regular liposuction procedures, people like this particular procedure because it eliminates any chance of there being loose skin because of the immediate reduction of fat.

If you are considering having this procedure, you're probably curious to know what the price is. Well, you'll be happy to know that the price is lower than other procedures of this kind. In general, it is about 30% less than the cost of regular liposuction. However, despite that decrease, it will still cost you at least a thousand dollars. Thus, if you are worrying about how you will be able to afford the procedure, make sure you have some money saved up, and that the surgeon offers a financing plan.

For those who are determined to have this procedure done, they are probably going to be interested in how long the results will last. These people will be happy to know that the results are not temporary, they're absolutely permanent. So, what will happen if the person starts to gain weight again? The fat will actually end up in other parts of the body! If you think you might be a good candidate for this procedure, it is very important that you first make an appointment for a consultation with an excellent surgeon. During the consultation, make sure all of your questions have been answered.

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