Staying Safe with SmartLipo

Many people have fought a long and tiring battle with their weight for the sake of their overall health. They have forsaken all of their favorite foods, and exercised for years. While they have seen some results, there are still areas of their body that are stubbornly holding on to their fat.

These people are perfect candidates for the SmartLipo procedure. Although SmartLipo is still a relatively new cosmetic procedure, it is one that has made many people much happier. Specifically, SmartLipo is meant to suck the excess fat out of a person's body much like liposuction. But, where the two differ is that, unlike liposuction, the results of this procedure are permanent.

How does the SmartLipo procedure work, anyway? It is a laser technology in which the lasers attack the fat molecules and rupture them. Then, once that part of the procedure has been accomplished, the liquefied fat is drained out through small incisions. In regard to the incisions, this is a minimally invasive procedure, so there are minimal chances of scarring.

Something that many prospective patients will probably want to know is how long the procedure itself takes. Well, the procedure, on average, takes anywhere from two to three hours to complete. While only one session is usually all that is needed, some people might require another shorter session.

While most people will be happy enough to get rid of the excess fat, people who are suffering from cellulite will probably want to know if this procedure can treat it. While this procedure is not actually meant to treat cellulite, it can definitely minimize its appearance.

Obviously, the thing that many people want to know the most about is in regard to the results of the procedure. Ideally, the patient will be able to see immediate differences. However, it will take a couple of months to see the full effect, so it is very important that the patient does not get discouraged.

As with any surgical procedure, the patient will most likely want to know how involved the procedure itself is. This procedure is an out-patient one, and the recovery time is done at home. Also, the patient is awake during the procedure, since it only requires a local anesthesia.

Those who are still on the liposuction bandwagon might soon jump off of it and become a fan of this procedure once they find out that it can treat the fat in areas that the other procedure cannot, like the face and back. Why? The laser technology means that it is far more precise.

As promising as this procedure is, there are still various risks to be aware of. First of all, if the patient has extremely sensitive skin, additional redness and swelling could happen. There is also a risk of infection if the area that was worked on is not cleaned properly. However, it is normal to see bruising in the first few days after the procedure, because they indicate that the body is healing and accommodating its brand new look!

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