The Different Kinds of Facial Rejuvenation

In the old days, when a person had a skin condition or was just unhappy with the way the skin on their face looked, there was really nothing that they could do about it. They (both men and women) just tried to cover up their flaws with makeup, and sometimes even things like beeswax.

Nowadays, those who do not like the way that their skin looks can change it by various facial rejuvenation procedures. The kinds of procedures a person is able to choose from all has to do with their current skin condition. Regardless, the goal of any procedure that falls under the facial rejuvenation category is to make sure that when a person looks in the mirror, they are very pleased by what they see.

What kinds of facial rejuvenation procedures are out there? Take into consideration the example of acne, which is among the most prevalent of skin problems. One of the first things that a person who has tried over-the-counter products with no success can do is to have a facial chemical peel done.

A facial chemical peel can also be done for those who have a lot of irregular pigmentation, or even wrinkles. Basically, an acidic mixture is applied to the face, which will then slowly dissolve the topmost skin layers. The skin that is left underneath is newer, and much smoother. After the procedure, it will be very important to stay out of the sun, since the skin will be especially sensitive while it heals.

Some people who have acne might instead want to get blue light laser treatment for their acne. In such a procedure, light is directed at the upper layers of the infected area. The intense heat gets rid of the damaged skin tissue, and the light stimulates blow flood, which in turn stimulates the growth of new, healthy skin tissue.

Yet another thing that people have to deal with is wrinkles. While wrinkles are commonly thought to be just a sign of aging, there are many people who end up getting wrinkles and facial lines because of other reasons. These reasons can include too much exposure to the sun without having worn an SPF, or because of smoking.

For people who wish to get rid of wrinkles there are a few facial rejuvenation options. For example, a person can elect to get Botox injections. These injections will provide immediate results, but anyone interested in getting them should be aware of the fact that the results are not permanent, and will have to be maintained every few months.

People who are suffering from sun damaged skin have the option of also trying Fraxel. While it shares many of the same elements as basic laser treatments, the main difference is that it takes small sections of the skin and repairs it. Other laser technology has a tendency to do so in more of a general sense. No matter what kind of procedure a person chooses, it is very important that they find an excellent specialist to perform the procedure.

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