Treatment Options for Various Skin Pigmentation Irregularities

When people go on vacation, something that a lot of them like to do is go get a tan. There is something very relaxing about laying out in the warm sun, and getting a tan does make the skin look more toned. However, a tan also indicates the presence of skin damage.

However, in order to reverse the sun damage that comes in the form of irregular pigmentation, there are various dermatological procedures that are available, such a Cosmelan. The Cosmelan procedure itself actually takes place in two parts. In the office of the dermatologist, the Cosmelan material will be applied in the form of a yellow masque.

The goal of the yellow masque is actually to determine the kind of skin that the patient has. There are three main skin types, those being oil, dry, or a combination of both. The masque will be left on for a specific period of time (usually anywhere from four to eight hours). This means that the patient will leave the office of the dermatologist actually wearing the masque.

The second part of the Cosmelan procedure takes place at home, and is done by the patient. Once the masque has been gently removed, the patient will need to apply a second cream that consists of Vitamin K. During the initial applications of this cream, the skin might look a bit red and feel itchy, but that is normal. It will need to be applied for three weeks thereafter until patient has obtained optimal results.

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