Turning Back the Clock with Radiesse

It's hard to believe that it's been thirty years since you graduated from high school. Oh, you took the phrase "rule the school" to a new level. Yes, you were that guy – the guy that was captain of the football team, and captain of the girls' hearts.

Well, you don't look seventeen anymore, but you're pretty sure that Radiesse could help. Yes, it's true, your good looks have been hindered by the appearance of (gasp!) wrinkles. You're only forty-eight, but in your mind you might as well be eighty-eight with all the wrinkles you have.

You chose Radiesse because it was a procedure that is cost-effective, and produces natural results. You know about the downsides to the Radiesse treatment – specifically the fact that it doesn't last longer than a year – but you actually feel more comfortable knowing that, since if necessary the filler can be dissolved. If you really like how it looks, you might even consider opting for a more permanent derma-filling procedure.

You know that you really shouldn't be as vain as you are being about this reunion. After all, it's not like you're "cruising for chicks" anymore. You're happily married, and have a lovely family thank you very much. But, that doesn't stop you from wanting to walk into the reunion and be greeted with cries of "You haven't aged a bit!" and "You're still as handsome as ever!" You have a reputation to uphold and, quite honestly, you want Radiesse to bring you back to your former glory.

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