Ways to Achieve Skin Care Cleanliness

Something that many people stress out about is their skin, especially when they have acne. Acne can actually surface as early as babyhood if a baby is breastfeeding and gets some of the hormones from the mother. However, acne really makes an appearance when a person enters puberty.

Puberty is really the time to start practicing skin care cleanliness, because skin care in general is a very important way to prevent acne from happening. Those who do nothing about the appearance of their skin could very well end up with a complexion that is scarred.

How can pimples become scars? If a person picks at them with their fingernails. No matter how clean a person's hands are, there is still a significant chance that there is bacteria under the nails, which could further infect the acne. Digging at the skin will also damage the upper epidermal layers.

So, what kinds of skin care work the best for acne? First of all, it cannot be emphasized enough that a person needs to maintain clean skin to get clear skin. The moment that a person wakes up in the morning, he or she should wash their face with a clean washcloth, lukewarm water, and gentle soap. Or (and this is the most preferable way) the person should use a special acne face wash.

As girls start to get acne, they also start wearing foundation. The goal of foundation is, of course, to make the skin appear smooth by hiding the acne. However, certain kinds of foundation can actually make the skin look worse and cause acne. It is best to avoid liquid foundation, because they stimulate skin oil and also clog pores. Powder foundation, on the other hand, allows pores to breathe.

Lots of guys like to exercise, and while doing so they often wipe away sweat with a towel. The towel itself becomes dirty from the sweat, and that excess dirt can clog pores as well. The result is not only facial acne, but also body acne.

There are two places that body acne tends to appear – the chest and the back. This kind of acne can be treated by having daily showers with a moisturizing acne body wash. Another thing that should be paid special attention to is the condition of the person's clothes. Some people really dislike having to do laundry, and the result is clothing that is worn multiple times without having been washed.

When this happens, sweat and body oil continues to build up on the clothing. Each time the person wears the clothing, all of that dirt will invisibly rub off on the skin, stimulating acne. So, in order to prevent body acne from surfacing in a cyclical fashion, a good idea is to wash clothes once a week.

For people who have tried these skin care methods for some time without much sign of improvement, the important thing is to be patient. Many acne resources take weeks in order to start working. For a person suffering from severe acne, it is important that he or she makes an appointment with a dermatologist to discuss more treatment options.

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