Yes, Blue Light Acne Therapy Really Does Work!

It's the summer before you head off to college, and you really want to make the best first impression possible. You've got great new stuff for your dorm room, you've got a sassy new hairstyle, and you've got a wardrobe full of the latest fashions. Now, the only problem has to do with your face.

Your parents have suggested blue light acne therapy to you before, but you haven't really thought much about it. You thought that face masks and zit cream would make the acne clear up on its own. It's too bad that nothing really has worked so far.

What the heck, why not try blue light acne therapy? After all, it can't be any worse, right? You do a little research, and you find out that blue light acne therapy doesn't have to be just a boring medical procedure. Actually, it can also be a part of a nice, relaxing spa facial treatment.

You know that your acne has partly been caused by stress. After all, it was tough saying goodbye to all your high school friends, making sure your grades stayed good, and also making sure you had a date to the senior prom. Plus, there's the added stress of not knowing what college will be like. No wonder your skin is freaking out!

Yes, a facial is just the thing you need to boost your self-esteem, and combat stress at the same time. The blue light acne therapy is just a bonus! So, you head off to your local spa center and make an appointment. You can hardly wait to feel relaxed and pampered at the same time!

The day of your facial has come, and you happily walk in for your appointment. You are introduced to a nice middle-aged woman with quite the orange tan. You silently smirk to yourself that if that's how she combats acne, you'd rather pass, thanks.

You're led into a nice, semi-darkened room that has soft music playing. You take a seat in a comfortable chair, and are prepared for your facial. You had no idea that so many different kinds of lotions and face masks existed in one place – the wall over there is full of them! Luckily, you'll only be getting one face mask, and maybe two lotions.

The face mask is applied first, after which time you're left to sit by yourself and listen to the calming music. Really, you should do this more often. After the mask dries, it is removed and the light therapy begins. A wand of blue light is repeatedly waved over your face – the therapy is meant to stimulate blood flow, thus improve your complexion.

A half-hour and those two lotions later, your facial is now complete. The next morning, when you look in the mirror, you cannot help but be pleased with what you see. Your skin is smoother and clearer than it has been in what seems like forever. Plus, you're more relaxed. Now, if only you could be as relaxed on your first day of college!

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