Smart Lipo versus Other Liposuction Techniques

With so many liposuction options on the market and still in development, patients may become confused when considering all of their options. One of the newest, most innovative procedures is Smart Lipo. Many clinics in Virginia are now offering this procedure to their patients, as it is a minimally invasive procedure that does not require incisions and has a short recovery time compared to other liposuction options.

Before choosing liposuction, patients should speak with their doctor to determine if they are a candidate for the procedure. The ideal candidate is of average weight or slightly above average weight, has firm skin, is in good overall health and is looking to only remove small isolated pockets of fat that do not respond to diet and exercise. Obese people and unhealthy individuals should not undergo any liposuction procedure.

After determining one?s candidacy for liposuction, patients should determine which type of liposuction is best for them.

There are several options for patients considering the procedure. Tumescent liposuction involves inserting a solution consisting of saline solution, pain killer and a drug that contracts blood vessels called epinephrine. The solution allows the doctor to remove the fat more easily.

Ultrasound-assisted liposuction works by using ultrasonic energy to liquefy fat cells. The liquefied cells are then removed.

Different types of liposuction use different instruments to remove excess fat. In some procedures a syringe is used to remove the fat while in others a suction pump is used. The syringe or the suction pump is attached to a small instrument called a cannula and through this device the fat is removed.

Patients looking for other options may consider Smart Lipo. As mentioned, this is a non-invasive procedure that has attracted many new patients in Virginia and around the country since its introduction to the medical field a short time ago. Smart Lipo works using laser energy to dissolve fatty tissue.

A local anesthetic is applied to the area of the body being treated. Using a handheld device, laser energy is applied to the area being treated. The energy breaks down the fatty tissue and dissolves the fat cells. The liquefied fat cells are then removed by the body?s natural processes in the days following the procedure, therefore requiring no incision to remove the liquefied fat.

As an added bonus, the laser energy also helps tighten the skin by assisting in the growth of new collagen. It also helps to seal blood vessels, which reduces bleeding and swelling in the treated areas.

Smart Lipo comes with advantages that other liposuction techniques do not offer. During the procedure, patients undergoing Smart Lipo treatment will experience relatively little discomfort. There is also a shorter recovery time and, although there may be minimal discomfort in the 24 hours following treatment, there is no downtime after the procedure. Patients are also pleased that there is no general anesthesia required and no incisions are necessary in the Smart Lipo procedure.

To best determine one?s candidacy for Smart Lipo and other liposuction procedures, patients should consult their doctor.

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