LipoDissolve Provides an Alternative to Traditional Liposuction

With the invasive nature of traditional liposuction procedures, patients in Tampa, Florida often find themselves searching for alternatives. Body contouring has become a popular way for patients to get rid of those localized fat deposits when diet and exercise are not enough. As every person's body is different and people burn fat with varying success, the medical field has introduced several innovations that offer patients a new way to obtain body contouring and shaping results without having to go through an invasive liposuction procedure.

LipoDissolve is a procedure that has been around and in use in Europe for about three decades, while only recently being introduced to the American market. Patients should always consult a physician or cosmetic surgeon prior to receiving any treatment, but gaining a basic understanding of the procedure beforehand is always a good goal for patients to set for themselves.

Unlike some liposuction procedures, LipoDissolve does not use lasers or incisions. Instead, tiny needles are used to inject a solution into the area to be treated. The solution contain two naturally occurring chemicals, both normally secreted and stored by the body's gallbladder, to dissolve the fat. These substances are able to dissolve fat and help in the digestion of fat, making them very effective for this procedure.

Some physicians may take pre and post procedure photographs to measure the progress of the treatment. In one session, patients should expect to treat two to three large sections. Several different areas of the body may be treated using this procedure including the thighs, hips, chin, neck, cheeks, face, eye pads, arms, abdomen, waist, back, knees and legs. For a full list of possible uses of LipoDissolve, patients in the Tampa area should consult a cosmetic physician with knowledge of this procedure and experience in its application.

Several other conditions may be treated using LipoDissolve such as cellulite, fat mound on the pubic region, skin retractions, scar revisions and others. The uses of this procedure are vast and patients who want to understand the procedure in greater depth should consult a cosmetic physician for more information.

This procedure is intended to remove small amounts of fat in a localized area. It is not intended for obese individuals or unhealthy patients. Patients receiving treatment using LipoDissolve should be in good health and practice a healthy lifestyle. Obese individuals should contact their doctor to discuss other ways of losing weight and getting healthier.

There may be mild pain during the injection. After the procedure, some side effects may occur. These may include swelling, bruising, tenderness and burning sensation in the treated area. The soreness and bruising should go away in four to seven days. For more information about possible side effects and risks of this procedure, contact a medical professional specializing in the field.

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