Chemical Peels Offer a Wide Range of Benefits

As patients in Chesapeake, Virginia and the surrounding areas seek treatment for their cosmetic needs, many are finding that chemical peels provide them with a variety of options. By controlling injury to the skin, chemical peels promote the growth of new skin, which is improved in its appearance. This technique has been used to treat a variety of conditions such as wrinkles, scarring, acne, precancerous lesions, discoloration and photoaging resulting from sun damage. Patients who are interested in the possibilities associated with this treatment will find more information from a medical or skincare professional at a medical spa or clinic.

There are several chemicals used with this treatment, and the results can be customized based on which chemicals are used. A different degree of injury to the skin is produced by the various chemical solutions applied. Glycolic acid, trichloroacetic acid (TCA), salicylic acid and phenol are some of the chemicals used in these treatments. Patients should discuss the various chemicals involved in the treatment and which degree of damage to their skin is appropriate for their needs and/or desires.

There are generally three types of peels. There is the superficial peel, which affects only the epidermis; the deep peel, which causes injury within the dermis; and the deepest peels which do the most damage to the skin and offer the most dramatic results. There may be different degrees of peels within each of these three categories, and these should be discussed with a skincare professional at a reliable clinic offering these treatments.

Depending on the size of the area being treated, the procedure may take less than an hour. Some patients notice burning sensations during treatment, but these are usually well-managed using cool compresses. In some cases, a topical anesthetic may be used. Patients should be sure to discuss any anesthetics that may be used in these treatments.

The recovery period of each patient will vary depending on the type of peel the patient received. Superficial peels may come with very little side effects, while a deep peel may present some redness in the skin. Patients who receive the deepest peels may take several weeks to recover. The results of chemical peels may last anywhere from a few months to a few years. Taking care of the skin and protecting the skin from the sun following treatment is important in maintaining the results of the treatment. For the most part, however, deeper peels last longer than superficial peels.

Patients who undergo a superficial peel are often able to return to their normal activities following treatment. This type of peel may be referred to as the 'lunchtime peel', as many people are able to receive treatment on their lunch break and return to work afterwards. The deeper peels may require a very long recovery period, which could keep patients away from normal activities for some time. Patients should discuss this with a physician for a better idea of the recovery time involved.

Patients in Virginia should locate a clinic with the latest technology and equipment. This will help to ensure the patient's safety during and after the treatment, and will often provide more satisfactory results. The cost of these treatments may vary from clinic to clinic and patients should discuss this with a medical professional on staff at the clinic.

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