How Blue Light Treats Acne

Patients residing in Massachusetts who are suffering from acne or acne scarring may feel that they've exhausted every possible treatment option. We've all seen those commercials and magazine advertisements promoting various topical and orally taken acne treatments. Many people have also heard of laser treatments and other methods for getting rid of acne. The truth is, there are several options available to patients looking to get rid of their acne. Patients should discuss all of their options with a skincare professional for more information and to determine which treatment may work best for them. Each patient is different, and what may work for one patient may not be effective for another, so it is important to consult a skincare professional for assistance in choosing the best treatment.

Blue light therapy is a treatment that has helped many patients get rid of their acne and treat acne scarring. P. acne is the bacteria that cause acne. It produces porphyrins, which, when exposed to certain wavelengths, a chemical reaction occurs that kills these bacteria. Blue light therapy was created with this in mind, and has been helpful in treating mild to moderate cases of acne. This treatment has been successful in a large amount of patients, some say 85%, but results may vary from patient to patient.

Patients may begin to see results after about two weeks of consistent treatment, and by about four weeks many patients report seeing a significant reduction in visible acne. Patients who receive consistent treatment for a longer period of time often report even better results. Those interested in learning more about the possible results they may experience should speak to a skincare professional offering this treatment.

With blue light therapy, no UV rays are present, so the risk of sunburn or skin cancer is nonexistent. Patients should, however, discuss any possible risks associated with this treatment with a medical professional. Patients on medication that causes photosensitivity should avoid this therapy. The blue light from the sun may also be harmful to the eyes, so patients are encouraged to wear the protective eyewear that is provided to them.

During treatment, patients should not sit closer than two feet from the bulb. Daily treatments may last about fifteen minutes, but patients should discuss this with a medical professional to avoid overexposure. Patients may also be advised to occasionally move their head during treatment to achieve an even exposure. Once acne begins to clear, patients may be advised to decrease treatment to fifteen minutes every other day. Patients will eventually find the appropriate number of sessions required each week to avoid breakouts.

Patients may also use red light therapy to rejuvenate and heal the skin. They should speak to a physician about the proper use of this therapy, although it is often very similar to blue light therapy. Patients in Fall River, Massachusetts should consult a physician with any further questions they may have regarding blue light therapy and the benefits that it brings.

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