Remove Unwanted Hair Using Laser Hair Removal

In Phoenix, Arizona and around the country, patients have discovered the benefits offered by laser hair removal. Hair removal is not by any means the sole recipient of the benefits that laser technology has to offer. Lasers can be found in many areas of medicine from surgery to skin rejuvenation to liposuction. The precision they offer is one of the reasons that some cosmetic surgeons and physicians around the country now consider lasers as one of the primary resources in the medical field.

Laser hair removal was actually discovered by accident by a scientist exposed to a YAG laser. His arm was exposed to the laser energy, which removed the hair with no repercussions to his skin and no pain. He did, however, notice that the hair that was burned off never re-grew and thus a new use for lasers was discovered.

Over the next 20 years the technology would be refined and many men and women would rejoice at the prospect of a wax-, tweezer- and razor-free future in hair removal. As research progressed, side effects of the procedure were minimized and pulse durations and intensity levels were carefully adjusted to reach optimal results. Today, laser hair removal is considered by many to be the staple treatment for removing unwanted hair.

The type of laser used in laser hair removal may vary. The Alexandrite, Ruby, Diode and ND, and LP ND YAG are the four types of lasers that may be used in laser hair removal procedures. Patients in Phoenix should speak to a medical professional to help them decide which laser is best for them and then locate a clinic that offers laser hair removal using that laser. This should allow patients to better understand the procedure, as a more educated patient is often a more successful patient.

Several factors may be adjusted by the laser technician to optimize safety, efficacy and comfort. For instance, long pulsed lasers are considered by many to be the safest. Also, the fluence may be adjusted, as different skin types may require different energy levels. The delay may also be adjusted. This determines the time between pulses and affects the time the hair follicle and skin are given to cool off. The technician may be able to control the spot size, which affects the speed of the laser and its penetration. By adjusting this factor, the technician may be better able to reach the hair at the depth it grows.

There may be several cooling options for the patient to choose from as well. A gel or spray may be used in some instances, while a cooled tip may be pressed against the skin in others. Speaking to a medical professional is the best way to obtain more information regarding cooling options and the factors mentioned above.

Results of laser hair removal may vary among patients. Light skinned, dark haired individuals are often considered by specialists to be the best candidates for this procedure, and may experience the best results. Laser hair removal may not be as effective for patients with gray, red or blonde hair, or patients with dark skin. The best way to determine one's own candidacy for this procedure is to speak to a medical professional that performs the procedure.

Laser hair removal is considered by many to be a safe procedure, although some patients may find it painful. Burns, lesions and long-lasting skin discoloration are also possible side effects, although this is usually only the case if the patient is treated improperly or overexposed to laser light. Patients with concerns regarding side effects and risks should speak to a medical professional for more information.

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