Skin Tytes Unique Use of Skin Enhancing Light Energy

With the latest advances in medical and cosmetic technology allowing patients to achieve many goals that seemed unattainable not too long ago, patients in Mesa, Arizona have found success with Skin Tyte. A non-invasive procedure, Skin Tyte uses light energy to treat skin laxity in a safe, efficient manner.

Innovations in the field of laser and light therapies have led many patients to seek relief for various cosmetic and medical conditions. Skin Tyte has allowed many patients to achieve younger looking skin using safe technology and techniques.

Using the infrared light energy Sciton ST Broad Band Light, this treatment has helped many patients achieve reduced skin laxity. The procedure works by selectively heating the dermal collagen in the patient's skin. At the same time, skin cooling technology is used to cool the epidermis before, during and after the treatment. This helps to reduce the pain experienced by the patient, and minimizes internal injury to skin structures. A partial coagulation and contraction of the collagen is achieved, which tightens the patient's skin. For more information about how the procedure is performed patients should speak to a medical professional at a clinic in Mesa that offers this treatment.

Skin Tyte has been used to treat sun-damaged skin and skin affected by aging. It has also been successful in decreasing patches of redness and flushing on the face or neck. This procedure is safe for all skin types. Other areas of the body may also be treated using this procedure, as it has been used to treat the abdomen, arms and hands as well. To discuss treatment options and expectations following treatment, patients are encouraged to consult a medical professional.

Some of the conditions for which Skin Tyte may be used as treatment include flushed patches of skin, acne scarring, rosacea, fine lines and wrinkles, lentigines, erythema skin rejuvenation, following a chemical peel, collagen injection or Botox injection, in combination with microdermabrasion or before or after laser resurfacing or a face or neck lift. Skin Tyte may be used to treat several conditions and speaking with a cosmetic surgeon or physician is the best way to determine which conditions may be treated using this procedure.

Some minor discomfort may be present during the procedure, so a topical cream may be applied prior to treatment to help eliminate any pain or discomfort. A general or IV sedation is usually unnecessary for most patients. Some facial swelling may be present for the first day, but this should subside shortly and makeup can usually be worn in the days following treatment. Some physicians may advise their patients to ice the area that was treated following the procedure. The doctor will give patients instructions on how to care for the area following treatment.

For many patients, about three treatments spaced a month apart are needed to reach optimal results. However, as each patient is different, the number of treatments needed or the space between treatments may vary. Patients who are interested in Skin Tyte in Mesa and the surrounding area should speak to a medical professional regarding the possible side effects, risks and complications associated with Skin Tyte prior to receiving treatment. While side effects are usually mild, understanding what they should expect has helped many patients deal with any side effects they may experience.

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