Using Sound Waves to Break Down Fat Cells: VaserLiposelection

Beyond the traditional means for removing fat, many patients have grown familiar with laser liposuction and radiofrequency assisted methods. Deep tissue heating and injections are also widely known by many cosmetic patients. VaserLiposelection, however, uses none of these methods for helping patients achieve body contouring results. Instead of using lasers, radiofrequency, deep heating techniques and injections, this procedure uses sound waves to break apart fat cells for removal. It is a unique procedure that has allowed many patients in Chantilly, Virginia and the surrounding areas to receive the contouring services they had been seeking.

Unlike laser-assisted liposuction and other methods, ultrasonic energy is used to break down the fat so that it may be more easily removed from the body. The fat is emulsified prior to being removed, which leads to a shorter suction time. This procedure allows the medical professional performing the procedure to be more selective in the fat tissue that is targeted. It also allows for better fluid management. These benefits often lead to less swelling, bruising and pain during recovery. Patients often appreciate these benefits, as some procedures may lead to excessive swelling or bruising in some patients.

Some medical professionals choose to combine VaserLiposelection with other treatments such as SmartLipo. In such cases, VaserLiposelection may be used for larger areas of fat removal, while SmartLipo, a laser-assisted procedure, may be used for smaller areas. Patients should discuss combining treatments with a medical professional.

While the ultrasonic emulsification process makes this procedure unique from other procedures, it still requires the heat, motion and suction associated with other liposuction procedures. Also, VaserLiposelection is not intended for overweight or obese individuals and is not meant to be a tool for patients looking to lose a large amount of weight. Instead it is a body contouring procedure intended for healthy individuals. This procedure targets small pockets of fat that do not respond to diet or exercise.

VaserLiposelection treats many of the same areas that other procedures target. These may include the belly, buttocks, thighs, waist, arms, pubic mounds and other areas of the body that may be in need of fat removal.

Some physicians have expressed concern regarding the control over tissue heating that this procedure provided in the first generation system. Patients in Virginia who are interested in VaserLiposelection should locate a clinic that uses the latest procedures and proven technology. They should also discuss this concern with a medical professional. This will help to ensure a patient's safety during the procedure. The more experience a medical professional has in regards to this treatment, the better they may be able to perform the procedure, so patients should seek a medical professional with the appropriate experience. Those who have developed a working technique for this and other procedures will usually have a greater rate of success.

It is important that patients discuss their candidacy for this and other procedures prior to undergoing any treatment. More information about VaserLiposelection and other body contouring treatments is available through a medical professional at a clinic that offers these body contouring procedures.

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