Body Contouring Through Smart Lipo

Many patients with isolated pockets of fat deposits in the Greenbrae, California area have successfully treated these areas through Smart Lipo. This is a non-invasive procedure intended to help patients reach their body contouring goals. Patients who are seeking weight loss solutions should speak with a medical professional regarding other treatments or diet programs, as Smart Lipo is meant for healthy individuals of normal weight. The ideal candidate for this treatment is an individual in good health and healthy weight who has trouble losing small pockets of fat deposits that do not respond to diet and exercise.

Using laser energy, Smart Lipo breaks up fatty tissue underneath the skin. The energy also promotes the production and growth of new collagen so that the area appears tighter and more toned following treatment. No incisions are required and patients are not put under general anesthesia for this procedure. Smart Lipo has been used in conjunction with traditional liposuction techniques to treat pockets of fat that the traditional method is unable to treat. In this case, an extended recovery time may be required due to the downtime and recovery requirements of traditional liposuction. Patients are encouraged to discuss the combination of any treatments with a qualified medical professional.

Before the procedure, the areas being treated will be marked and a local anesthetic will be administered. A handheld device is used to direct the laser energy towards the fat cells under the skin. The laser fires and the fat cells are broken apart and liquefied. The liquefied fat will be drained naturally by the body in the days following treatment.

This procedure has been used to treat pockets of fat on the belly, buttocks, thighs, waist, hips, flanks, chin, arms, pubic mound, certain facial areas and on the back of the neck. Interested patients should discuss their goals with a physician to determine if they are an ideal candidate for this procedure and whether Smart Lipo may be effective for their unique needs. Patients seeking male breast reduction may also find success through Smart Lipo.

Patients with diabetes or heart, kidney, liver, blood or autoimmune disorders may not be considered candidates for this procedure. It is important that patients discuss their medical history and current medical status with a physician prior to undergoing any treatment.

Fat removed with Smart Lipo will be gone for good provided that patients practice appropriate dietary and exercise habits. Patients who gain weight after treatment may notice a return of fat to the area that had been treated with Smart Lipo. It is important that patients discuss maintaining a healthy lifestyle with a qualified professional.

Recovery from Smart Lipo is generally hassle free, as many patients return to work or other daily activities 24 hours after treatment. Patients may, however, experience minor discomfort for the initial 24 hours after treatment, but this can be treated using over-the-counter pain medication. Minor and temporary bruising has also been associated with Smart Lipo, but usually resides within a few days. A compression garment may be prescribed depending on the area that was treated to promote healing. Many patients reach optimal results after 1 to 3 treatments, but this may vary.

Patients may begin to notice improvement after the initial swelling subsides after treatment, but results will continue to improve for six to eight weeks. As the skin adjusts to the new curves, results will continue to improve.

As Smart Lipo is considered a cosmetic procedure, it is not covered by insurance carriers. Patients with further questions regarding Smart Lipo or other liposuction treatments should speak with a qualified professional at a reputable clinic.

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