Improve Cosmetic Flaws through Laser Resurfacing

In Seguin, Texas and throughout the region, patients suffering from certain cosmetic flaws have found success in laser treatments. These treatments have allowed patients to rid themselves of, or improve certain cosmetic flaws such as wrinkles, scarring and sun damaged skin. Lasers have been implemented in many aspects of the medical field, allowing physicians and surgeons to treat many conditions in a safe, precise manner. Laser resurfacing is a one such treatment that provides cosmetic physicians the ability to help patients reverse certain signs of aging such as wrinkles, discoloration or loss of elasticity.

Lasers provide treatment through a high energy beam of light targeting lines, wrinkles, discolorations, scars, visible veins or other blemishes. Laser treatment may be categorized as either ablative therapy or non-ablative therapy. Laser resurfacing is an ablative laser therapy that is commonly used for facial rejuvenation. Non-ablative therapy is intended to stimulate collagen production without upsetting the outer layers of skin. The ablative therapy requires more recovery and downtime, but is more effective in achieving more drastic results. Patients are encouraged to discuss both options with a qualified medical professional in the area.

An anesthetic is required for this procedure. Some patients choose a local anesthetic, while others choose a general anesthetic. This should be discussed with a physician. Patients are also provided with protective eyewear to protect against accidental exposure to the laser. The physician will then apply the laser to the skin, removing thin layers. Each session typically lasts between 30 and 90 minutes.

Laser resurfacing requires a 4 to 7 day recovery period in most cases. Patients should not resume their normal activities until the required recovery period has passed and are given permission from their doctor. The recovery time for each patient may vary; patients are provided with a detailed recovery plan upon receiving treatment. It is important that patients follow their physician's instructions to avoid complications with the procedure and to ensure the best results possible.

Patients may experience redness, swelling and postoperative pain for about a week following laser resurfacing. Possible complications may include extended pain, swelling, redness or discoloration, as well as scarring. Infection is also a complication associated with this procedure. Discussing these risks and possible complications in detail with a physician is strongly encouraged.

The results of laser resurfacing may last for many years provided that patients avoid excessive sun exposure and practice effective sun protection. More information about preserving and maintaining results may be obtained by speaking with a physician experienced in the field. Only one treatment is required to receive optimal results, although this may vary.

The cost of laser resurfacing may be different depending on the clinic chosen. Patients are encouraged to choose a clinic that offers reasonably priced treatment, but quality and safety of service should not be sacrificed for a cheaper price. Those interested in learning more about laser resurfacing should locate a reputable clinic in the Seguin area. There they should speak with an experienced medical professional on staff who is qualified to provide information about the procedure, the required recovery period and any other important information.

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