Fuller, Thicker Lashes with LATISSE ?

Individuals who are experiencing thin or small eyelashes in the Fountain Valley, California area or in other parts of the country have found success through LATISSE?. This is a prescription treatment that is approved by the FDA for the treatment of eyelashes that are small or thin. It may help individuals grow fuller and thicker eyelashes, helping many individuals to reach certain cosmetic goals. Individuals who want fuller, thicker or darker upper eyelashes may be a candidate for this treatment. Before using LATISSE?, individuals should seek consultation with a medical professional in their area.

Individuals on antibiotics, heart mediation or other drugs may not be considered a candidate for this treatment. What's more, those with neurological or other diseases may not be considered a candidate for LATISSE? either. Others who may not be considered a candidate include individuals with severe allergies, pregnant women and those who have skin infections or other conditions that affect the upper eyelids.

The lash growth that is experienced with LATISSE? is not permanent and lasts for the natural duration of the eyelash growth cycle, which is typically about one to two months. A maintenance program may be required to maintain results of this treatment. During the initial 16 weeks of treatment, the solution should be applied every day to see the complete and optimal results of this treatment. Many individuals may begin to see results after about four to eight weeks of continual use. To help determine what type of maintenance program may be effective, speak with a medical professional in the Fountain Valley area.

LATISSE? requires a prescription and the patient will apply the solution themselves at home. The patient will first wash their face and remove makeup and creams. They should also take out their contacts before applying treatment. A drop of the solution is then placed on the special applicator and it is applied to the base of the upper eyelid at the area where the lash base meets the skin of the eyelid. Excess solution may be blotted off using a dry tissue and a fresh applicator should be used for each eye. Patients should never reuse an applicator.

Some have reported temporary itching or a slight redness after the application of LATISSE?, although this should resolve as the body becomes accustomed to the product. It is meant to be applied to the eyelid and should not be applied to the eye, but the eye should not be harmed if a small amount enters the eye.

Insurance does not cover the cost of LATISSE?, as this is considered a cosmetic treatment. The cost may range from $110 to $150 per bottle. Each bottle contains a 45-day supply of the solution. This product may be purchased through a physician's office in many cases. If you have any questions about the cost of this product, consult a medical professional in the Fountain Valley area, as the cost may vary depending on the patient's geographic location as well as which clinic they choose.

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