Microdermabrasion: How the 'Lunch Time' Procedure Brings Skin Rejuvenation

For individuals in the Lawndale, California area and other areas of the state and country, skin rejuvenation may be a priority as they age and begin to notice their skin is not as vibrant or smooth as it once was. Microdermabrasion is a fairly common procedure that has come to be known as the 'lunch time' procedure because it is minimally-invasive and does not require a recovery period, allowing patients to have the procedure performed on their lunch break and return to work afterwards. Hence the name, 'lunch time' procedure.

This treatment has helped patients achieve general skin rejuvenation and, although it has not been scientifically proven to offer improvement to the skin's appearance, many recognize that microdermabrasion leaves their skin feeling smooth and notice that makeup goes on smoother afterwards. It has been used to treat acne, uneven skin color, uneven skin texture, dyschromias and for general rejuvenation purposes. It's often compared to a very light and superficial dermabrasion. If you're unsure of whether microdermabrasion may be an option for you, speak with a medical professional in the Lawndale area to discuss this and other possibilities.

Microdermabrasion involves tiny aluminum oxide crystals that are sprayed on the skin and sucked up immediately using a suction device. Dead skin cells are sucked up along with the crystals. There are new devices that are now crystal-less, however. This is a painless procedure and, as mentioned, no recovery period is required afterwards. There may be some facial redness for about an hour after the procedure, but the procedure is considered safe and with very minimal risk. The results typically last for a few months before maintenance procedures may be required. It may take five to nine sessions of this treatment, spaced about a week apart, to achieve optimal or desired results.

The procedure may feel like an emery board rubbing the surface of the skin, while others compare the feeling to that of a facial massage. Most sessions of this treatment take between ten and thirty minutes to complete, although this may vary depending on the area being treated.

As this is considered a cosmetic treatment, insurance companies generally do not cover the cost of microdermabrasion. The price of microdermabrasion may vary depending on your geographic location and the clinic that you choose, so interested patients are encouraged to seek the consultation of a medical professional in the Lawndale area for specific pricing information.

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