Smart Lipo: A Non-Invasive Solution to Body Contouring

Isolated pockets of body fat may be frustrating and embarrassing for patients in the Williamsville, New York area and in other parts of the country. These are pockets of fat that may not respond to diet and exercise and can become quite the burden for many individuals. Smart Lipo works to break up and dissolve fatty tissue that is trapped beneath the skin, helping patients achieve body contouring and fat removal goals.

It should be understood before proceeding with Smart Lipo that this procedure is intended for treatment of healthy individuals with small pockets of fatty tissue. It should not be looked upon as a weight loss procedure for individuals who are obese or overweight. These individuals are encouraged to speak with their doctor about possible weight loss treatments or procedures. Ideal candidates are in good overall heath and practice a healthy lifestyle that includes eating right and exercising.

This procedure may help to remove pockets of fat in the belly, buttocks, thighs, waist, hips, flanks, chin, upper arms, pubic mound, back of the neck or facial areas. It may also be a good option for those with male breast reduction goals. Individuals with diabetes, liver or kidney disorders, heart conditions, blood disorders, autoimmune disorders or who are obese may not be considered candidates for this treatment.

Smart Lipo uses directed energy to dissolve fatty tissue under the surface of the skin. Areas to be treated are first marked and a local anesthetic is used to numb the treatment area. A small, handheld device may then be used to direct the laser energy towards the fat cells under the skin. The fat cells will then break apart and liquefy. In the days following the treatment, the liquefied fat will be disposed of by the body's natural processes. As a bit of an added bonus, the laser energy used with Smart Lipo also stimulates the growth of new collagen, helping to tighten the skin and improve the appearance of the treated area. What's more, it may also help to seal small blood vessels in the area, reducing the amount of bleeding and swelling in the area.

Some minor discomfort may be felt during the 24 hours after treatment, but over-the-counter medication may be used to provide relief from this discomfort. Patients should consult their doctor before taking any medicine, however. Minor temporary bruising should go away within two to three days and depending on the area that was treated, the doctor may prescribe a compression garment to aid in healing and to minimize swelling.

Patients should follow the instructions given to them by their Williamsville specialist. About one to three sessions of Smart Lipo may be required to reach optimal results. In some cases, Smart Lipo may be combined with traditional liposuction to provide the patient with more refined results than those that are accomplished using just liposuction. For more information about this possibility and to determine if this is right for you, seek consultation with a specialist in the Williamsville area.

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