Blue Peel: A Medium Chemical Peel with Light Recovery

For individuals in Beverly Hills, California or other areas of the country, wrinkles, brown spots and other discolorations may be quite troubling and discouraging. The signs of aging such as these may be one of the first things to make an individual feel aged, leading many to look for ways of reversing these cosmetic blemishes. Blue peels are a type of chemical peel classified as a medium peel, stronger than micro peels, but not as strong as the very deepest peels available. Blue peels may be effective in improving skin texture and vitality, and may be used to revitalize skin, brighten the skin's complexion and eliminate the aforementioned cosmetic blemishes.

They may not be effective in treating dynamic wrinkles, however, which form over a period of time as facial expressions are made. Examples of dynamic wrinkles include crow's feet around the eyes, worry lines on the forehead and glabellar lines between the eyebrows. To treat these wrinkles, patients are encouraged to explore other options by speaking with a medical professional in the Beverly Hills area.

A physician should supervise the procedure as it is performed, as there is a potential for a burn with scarring associated with the peeling agents used in treatment. There are some peels that include built-in safety valves so that the individual performing the peel does not allow the chemical peel to penetrate too deeply. Blue dye is used with TCA to allow the individual performing the procedure to know when the peel has penetrated and when to stop it.

The blue peel may turn the skin blue for a few days, and flaking or peeling may begin about four to five days after treatment. It should finish within seven to nine days. During this time, patients may participate in normal activities, but should be sure to plan their blue peel around important social events or professional events. Consult a medical professional in the Beverly Hills area for help in scheduling and planning your blue peel so that the peeling process or blue appearance of the skin does not interfere with events in your professional, social or personal life.

Blue peels may be repeated about every six months to reach optimal results. Once optimal results have been reached, micro peels may be used as a maintenance program to maintain the results. Patients should adhere to a skin care program and recovery program that is given to them by their doctor so they safely reach optimal results.

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