Mystified by the Skin You're In?'s Ask a Specialist Has the Answers

El Segundo, CA – December 16th, 2010 - ( celebrates the 2000th answer on its popular Q & A feature: Ask a Specialist. This service allows consumers to submit questions about any of the host of cosmetic dermatology services discussed on, and to have their questions answered directly by an expert in the field.  

“Ask a Specialist provides patients with an interactive vehicle through which to ask questions and receive medically accurate answers about the latest cosmetic dermatology procedures," said Dr. Eddie Fincher, medical director of  "This free service is a great way for patients to get educational, informative answers that they can have confidence in.”

Answers from industry experts:  Patients can ask questions about their specific situations or interests in an anonymous, neutral environment.  Rather than relying on generalized FAQs, the exact question the consumer has can be directly addressed.  The questions are individual and specific, so the responses given will provide patients with personalized information about their particular situation, need, or interest.

Only experienced specialists who are active members of the will respond to patient's questions, giving thoughtful, expert recommendations.  This provides an added level of security and assurance for consumers, since the answers to their questions come directly from industry professionals.  If patients want further information about a procedure or a specialist who answered a question, conveniently provides facility contact information to help patients easily connect with any network specialist.  This increases the impact and visibility of network facilities online, introducing specialists to new potential clients.

Ask a Specialist is a great way for to continue to provide educational medical information to consumers and facilitate patient-specialist relationships.  

About is a national network of cosmetic dermatological specialists that provides information for consumers. The purpose of is to facilitate a centralized location for patients seeking medically reviewed information about cosmetic dermatology, and for qualified specialists to introduce themselves and their facilities to consumers.
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