Mesotherapy for the Treatment of Cellulite

Cellulite is a condition that affects many people in Long Beach, California and around the country. It is estimated that cellulite affects over 90% of women and men, with slim figured individuals often complaining of cellulite's lumpy, dimpled and sometimes discolored appearance. The hips, buttocks and legs are the most common areas of the body affected by this condition.

The common belief that cellulite is a fat problem is false. It is actually a skin problem and is treated as such. Patients who are experiencing cellulite are encouraged to discuss possible solutions like mesotherapy with a qualified medical professional.

Unlike other body contouring procedures, mesotherapy does not use lasers to achieve results. Instead, injections of homeopathic and traditional medicines, as well as vitamins, stimulate the removal of cellulite. Wrinkles, excess fat and sagging skin may also be removed with mesotherapy. This is a non-invasive treatment that does not require anesthesia or a significant period of downtime, as some surgical procedures may. Mesotherapy works to relieve the appearance of cellulite from the inside out through a safe, effective injection therapy.

Anybody who is interested in removing cellulite, wrinkles, sagging skin or excess fat should speak with a cosmetic professional about mesotherapy. Patients interested in relieving these conditions without the use of surgical methods that require an anesthetic should discuss the procedure in detail.

The first step in mesotherapy is deciding which areas should be treated. This should be discussed with a medical professional at a reputable clinic. Once the patient and the physician agree on the treatment areas, the injections are administered to the mesoderm, the middle layer of skin. Patients may experience a bit of heaviness or discomfort associated with this treatment, but the side effects will differ from patient to patient. The body then works to alter its internal structures over time to produce results.

There is no recovery period associated with mesotherapy, as patients are often able to return to work or other normal activities immediately following treatment. Patients will not be required to heal from anything invasive, so recovery is often very quick and easy. Patients may feel discomfort after treatment, but this usually resolves on its own. Patients may begin to see results over a period of weeks or months. Results are gradual and tend to come after 10 to 15 treatments. The precise number should be discussed with a qualified professional, as it may depend on the area being treated and may vary from patient to patient.

As there are several ingredients used in mesotherapy, the ingredients must be approved by the FDA for a specific medical purpose. It is important to locate a reputable physician offering an approved mesotherapy treatment before undergoing any procedure. Patients should research the mesotherapist performing the treatment and verify their credentials and the FDA's approval of the ingredients used in the treatment.

To learn more about cellulite or mesotherapy, patients should consult a qualified medical professional in the Long Beach area. This is often the best resource regarding information pertaining to skin conditions and cosmetic treatments.

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