Microdermabrasion: The Lunchtime Cosmetic Procedure

Patients throughout Wichita, Kansas and in other parts of the country often seek cosmetic skin rejuvenation procedures that promise smoother skin and a more even texture and skin tone. Microdermabrasion has been used to treat patients using aluminum oxide crystals propelled at the skin to create light damage. Some newer microdermabrasion devices do not use crystals to achieve results. Although the procedure has not been scientifically proven to offer cosmetic improvements, patients often report that their skin feels smoother after treatment.

Microdermabrasion is classified as very superficial dermabrasion. It does not require the significant period of downtime that dermabrasion requires and patients are able to immediately return to work or other normal activities afterwards. It is a non-invasive treatment and may be performed on a lunch break from work, hence the name 'lunchtime procedure'. Typical procedures take anywhere from 10 to 30 minutes. About 5 to 9 procedures spaced a week apart may be required to reach optimal results. Maintenance sessions may be required later to preserve the effects of microdermabrasion.

Patients turn to microdermabrasion to treat acne, skin discoloration or uneven skin texture. Many patients report that makeup goes on much more smoothly after treatment. Patients who are interested in learning more about the capabilities of microdermabrasion should contact a medical professional at a reputable clinic in the Wichita area.

To perform this procedure, the physician will apply the handheld device to the skin. Aluminum oxide crystals are sprayed onto the skin and immediately suctioned away with the dead skin cells. The procedure is painless and may be safely performed on any skin color or type. Some patients may experience minor discomfort during treatment.

Patients may experience facial redness following treatment, but there are no risks associated with microdermabrasion that patients should be aware of. Of course, patients are encouraged to discuss the procedure in detail with a medical professional before undergoing treatment.

Those interested are encouraged to speak with a qualified professional to determine their candidacy for microdermabrasion. While microdermabrasion is a much less invasive procedure than dermabrasion, and offers less drastic results, patients should consider that those with active acne, infections and other skin conditions may not be considered candidates for dermabrasion. Of course, most individuals are considered candidates for microdermabrasion, but this should be discussed with a medical professional beforehand.

For more information about microdermabrasion, dermabrasion or skin rejuvenation, patients are encouraged to speak with a medical professional at a reputable Wichita skin clinic, dermatologist's office or medical spa. This is often the best resource for information pertaining to skin care and treatment.

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