How Botox Works to Relieve Dynamic Wrinkles

Patients in the San Mateo, California community and in other parts of the country often complain of various signs of aging from fine lines and wrinkles to sun damage. For those suffering from dynamic wrinkles, which form when making a facial expression, Botox is a popular and common procedure that has been used to provide relief. Many patients, both men and women, have turned to Botox to relieve dynamic wrinkles safely and effectively. Static wrinkles are wrinkles that appear when the face is at rest. These may not be treated as effectively using Botox and may require other treatments such as dermal fillers to find relief.

Botox is injected directly into the underlying muscle that is causing the dynamic wrinkle to form. A small needle is used and patients may only experience a slight prick and stinging. Botox enters the nerve endings and stops acetylcholine, the chemical that causes muscles to contract, from being released. It may take up to five days for paralysis of the underlying muscle causing the wrinkle to occur, although optimal results are usually reached two to four weeks after the injection.

As the muscle can no longer contract, the wrinkle can no longer form and gradually fades away. Ten minutes is usually all that is needed to provide treatment. Because there is nothing invasive to recover from, most patients are able to return to work immediately following treatment.

The effects of Botox may begin to gradually wear off and patients may require maintenance treatments to maintain optimal results. Chemical denervation occurs as the muscle causing the wrinkle becomes less responsive over time. Improved results may be achieved with repeat treatments.

In most cases, Botox treats the upper third of the face, although it has been used to treat various areas around the face and neck as well. Migraine headaches and excessive underarms sweating have also been treated using Botox. Interested patients are encouraged to consult a knowledgeable physician in the San Mateo community to learn more about the possible uses of Botox.

Before treatment, patients should discuss their candidacy for Botox with a medical or skincare professional. If the patient has an infection at the injection site, they may not be considered a candidate for Botox. Those with allergies to any of the ingredients of Botox are also not considered candidates. Discuss the ingredients of the treatment with the skincare professional prior to treatment to determine if hypersensitivity may be present. Neuromuscular disorders may put patients at a greater risk of clinically significant systemic effects from normal doses of the treatment.

Pain in the face, redness at the injection site and muscle weakness are rare side effects of Botox. They are thought to be a result of the injection and usually occur shortly after treatment, less than a week in most cases. Make sure that you choose a trained, skilled and experienced skincare professional to avoid possible complications resulting from poor injection technique.

Before treatment, patients are encouraged to discuss their cosmetic goals with a skincare professional in the San Mateo area. They should also go over their candidacy for Botox to determine if the treatment is right for them. This is the best resource for further information pertaining to Botox, dynamic wrinkles and other skin conditions and treatments.

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