Latisse Treats Thinning or Small Eyelashes

Latisse has been used by patients in St. Peters, Missouri and in other areas of the country to help treat their small or thin eyelashes. The medicine is the first approved by the FDA for the treatment of thin or small eyelash growth and is available at cosmetic clinics. It has been shown to produce thicker, fuller eyelashes after regular daily use. The exact reason for its success requires further testing and research, although many believe its success to be due to the increase of the percentage of lash development during the lash growth phase.

About 80% of individuals who use Latisse report significant increases in the growth of eyelashes. Those who would like to experience thicker and fuller lashes are encouraged to discuss the treatment with a medical professional in the St. Peters area. Those on antibiotics, heart medications or other drugs may not be considered a candidate for Latisse. Those with neurological diseases and other diseases, as well as patients with severe allergies should discuss the condition with a medical professional before using the treatment. Pregnant women and patients with skin infections or other conditions on the upper eyelid should not use this product.

Those with sensitive eyes have been able to use Latisse without problems, although this should be discussed with a medical professional. The results of Latisse typically last for as long as the lash growth phase, which is usually about 1 to 2 months. Results usually appear gradually and first appear after 4 to 8 months of use. It typically takes about 16 weeks for optimal results to be reached. At this point, a maintenance program may be adopted to maintain the effects of Latisse. This may include using the medication every other day, although some may be encouraged to continue daily use.

This product is applied by the patient in the comfort of their own home. Before using the medicine, patients should wash their face thoroughly. They should also remove any makeup or cream they are wearing, and should remove their contacts. A drop of the solution should be placed on the applicator and then applied to the base of the upper eyelid at the point the lashes meet the skin of the eyelid. Excess solution should be blotted away using a tissue. Never reuse an applicator. A fresh applicator should be used to apply the solution to each eye.

Prices of Latisse typically run between $110 and $150, although this may vary. Each bottle contains a 45 day supply of the product. This is considered a cosmetic medicine and is not covered by most insurance carriers. Individuals interested in this treatment should discuss it further with a medical professional in the St. Peters area.

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