Photodynamic Therapy: How Light and a Photosensitizer Drug Provide Cosmetic Enhancement

Individuals in Omaha, Nebraska have found success in treating various cosmetic flaws through photodynamic therapy; a treatment that combines a drug called a photosensitizer with a light source to provide cosmetic improvement. Believe it or not, photodynamic therapy has been used for over 100 years. It hasn't always been used as a means of treating cosmetic blemishes like wrinkles, discoloration and acne, however. In the past, it was used for treating skin cancers and eventually for other types of cancer as well as blindness.

Today, medical spas and cosmetic clinics often offer photodynamic therapy as a means of relieving certain cosmetic blemishes. The procedure combines a drug called a photosensitizer and a light source to destroy targeted cells. The photosensitizer is first applied to the skin and left on for a certain amount of time. It is then absorbed by certain types of cells and the light source is applied to the skin. The photosensitizer is then removed. The reaction the light source and photosensitizer causes destroys the targeted cells. Patients have reported improvement in wrinkles, age spots and visible veins after treatment.

Patients have reported fleeting burning, stinging, swelling and redness. The side effects may vary from one patient to the other and patients should note that there have not been many studies reporting the long-term effects of this procedure. Those interested should consult a medical professional in the Omaha area to discuss this. One to three sessions of photodynamic therapy have been required to reach optimal results, so patients should also discuss this with a medical professional for a more accurate estimate.

Patients of photodynamic therapy note several advantages of this treatment over others including the minimally invasive nature of the treatment. The procedure is not as destructive or damaging as other procedures and does not cause the same degree of pain as certain treatments. The procedure requires minimal recovery time afterwards and has been shown to be effective in treating precancerous lesions. Patients are encouraged to discuss this with a medical professional, as there may be some benefit to preventing skin cancer.

Those interested should also note that the procedure is relatively new to the cosmetic industry and long term studies of the effects of this treatment remain unclear. The longevity of the results of this procedure are not even fully understood either. As with many new treatments, new studies and findings are constantly being made, so consult a medical professional for the most up to date information about this procedure.

The price of photodynamic therapy typically runs between $550 and $800. All patients should consult a medical professional about this therapy before treatment to ensure their full understanding of the procedure, possible risks and side effects and the results they should expect.

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