Reverse the Signs of Aging with Fractional Resurfacing

Age spots and wrinkles are common signs of aging that affect patients in Hinsdale, Illinois and in other parts of the nation as well. Lasers have been used to provide relief from symptoms such as sun spots, fine lines and wrinkles in a safe, controlled environment. Laser technology has been used throughout the medical industry for its precision and safety. Fractional resurfacing is a type of laser therapy that is used to treat certain signs of aging and to provide tighter and smoother skin.

Before undergoing this or any procedure, patients should discuss their candidacy for the treatment with a medical professional in their area. Those with mild to moderate wrinkles, brown age spots, rough skin, mild to moderate lax tightening and damage caused by acne may be considered a candidate for fractional resurfacing. Sun damage may also be treated with fractional resurfacing.

The procedure provides immediate results and is minimally invasive, meaning that no downtime or recovery period is required afterwards. There may be some degree of swelling or redness following treatment and some patients report looking like they have a tan or bronze color for a few weeks. Any peeling may be treated using a moisturizer. Patients experience very little to no pain afterwards and may return to work or resume other normal activities. All patients should follow the doctor or medical professional's recovery instructions and advice, however.

Fractional resurfacing works by exposing the skin to a laser light that passes safely through the skin. It is then absorbed by the water in the damaged collagen beneath the skin's surface. Very fine layers of skin are removed which improves the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The skin's texture is also smoothed as a result. The process stimulates the production of new collagen and as the skin heals and new cells are generated, the skin is left smoother and softer than before. For more details about the procedure, those interested should consult a trained professional in the Hinsdale area.

Results typically appear immediately, although they continually improve over the next several weeks. Optimal results may appear over the first months following fractional resurfacing. Four treatments are usually recommended. They are typically spread out over a four month period. The results are typically longer lasting and are noticeable much sooner than with other treatments. There is also less pain and downtime required with fractional resurfacing.

In most cases, the cost of fractional resurfacing runs between $750 and $1,100, although this may vary from one clinic to the next. Insurance carriers typically do not cover fractional resurfacing, as it is considered a cosmetic procedure used to improve cosmetic flaws or blemishes such as wrinkles and age spots. Patients who are interested in learning more about fractional resurfacing and how it works to improve wrinkles, age spots and other skin conditions are encouraged to seek consultation with a licensed medical professional in the Hinsdale area.

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