3 Marketing Tips to Help Your Practice Rise Above the Crowd

In the current economy, medical specialists need to do everything they can to attract (and keep!) patients—especially if your practice features elective procedures. Here are three changes you should consider making to your current marketing plan that can help significantly grow your practice.


Tip #1 – Establish—Then Maximize—Your Online Presence


If your practice doesn’t have a website then you are missing out—it’s that simple. With around 75% of Americans using the internet in 2010, building an attractive, user-friendly website is critical to reaching a broad audience. Make sure your web site features contact and staff information, as well as some promotional brochure and patient-education materials, so that it helps local patients in the process of making a choice among industry experts. And don’t forget to include your web address on all your print, ad and media materials—create the whole package.


Once your website is established, maximize the benefits of online marketing by joining a network like DermaNetwork.org. Enabling prospective patients to find you amid the millions of websites out there is essential for your online marketing to be effective, and DermaNetwork.org can help you do just that.  (Click Here to Contact a Network Representative Now!)



Tip #2: Demonstrate Availability, Affability and Ability


The old standard for building a successful practice is as vital as ever, especially in our fast-paced society. Busy patients need support the support of a capable staff to help them with scheduling, so reinforce with your team how important this is. Time is money for just about everyone, so make the most of your patient’s time (and patience!) by seeing them on time, and when you’re having the consultation, be sure to spend enough time with the patient to help them feel valuable. They’ll appreciate your generosity.


Of course you want to be perceived as approachable and friendly to your patients, but make sure your staff is on the same page in terms of attitude. A positive first impression can go a long way toward earning a patient’s goodwill, whether it occurs over the phone or at the reception desk.


Having articles published and industry affiliations can help patients feel more confident in you as an expert, so be sure to mention professional accomplishments in your brochures and on the website. Add to your portfolio a DermaNetwork.org affiliation by becoming a member of a national network of industry specialists.



Tip #3: Keep Costs Low and Results High with Email Marketing


Did you know that DermaNetwork.org markets directly to patients? DermaNetwork.org utilizes email marketing and other techniques to target patients who have opted in for industry information. That means that the consumers we reach out to are already interested in the procedures your facility may offer, making it easy for us to bring patients and specialists together.


Here’s why you should consider adding email newsletters to your marketing portfolio:


·         Convenient monitoring of the email open, delivery and bounce rates, which give concrete evidence of the email’s effectiveness

·         Targeted increase in the amount of traffic and activity on websites

·         Very low cost, especially compared to printed marketing campaigns


Consider adding email marketing into your overall marketing plan, and watch your practice grow!


To learn about more ways we can help you market your practice effectively, contact a network representative today. Click Here to Contact Us Now!


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