Dermabrasion and the Signs of Aging

The signs of aging affect patients in Brookline, Massachusetts and in every other part of the country. These cosmetic blemishes and skin conditions can be very embarrassing and may lead some to feel self-conscious or ashamed of their appearance. While some signs of aging are a natural part of the aging process, others may be exacerbated by sun exposure. Many dermatologists and skin care professionals recommend limiting sun exposure and wearing high SPF sunscreen to help avoid the signs of aging, but for those already affected, treatment does exist that may be helpful.

Dermabrasion is a procedure that has helped many patients find relief from their various cosmetic blemishes and skin conditions such as wrinkles, fine lines, acne scars, pigmentation issues such as melasma and other problems. This procedure provides skin resurfacing and refinishing so that patients may rid themselves of these conditions and achieve a smoother texture and a more evenly toned complexion. Dermabrasion works by removing the top layers of skin using an abrasive tool. This reduces the difference in depth between the surface of the skin and any pitting or indentation in the skin, thus providing a smoother texture.

Before receiving treatment, interested individuals are encouraged to discuss the treatment with a medical professional in the Brookline community. This is often the best resource for further information pertaining to cosmetic conditions such as the signs of aging, dermabrasion and other procedures and treatments. During a consultation with a professional, patients will discuss their candidacy for this treatment. Individuals should be in good overall health and should not have recently experienced sunburn. They should also not have recently undergone a radiation treatment or chemical peel. Patients should also be free of current acne and other skin conditions, and should be able to avoid sun exposure in the days following treatment. What's more, patients with lighter skin tones often have better results.

Individuals with darker skin tones should discuss their chances of success with a medical professional at a clinic in Brookline. Those who have taken Accutane in the past 18 months, have skin sensitivities, a history of cold sores or herpes or who are not in good overall health may not be considered candidates for this procedure and may be encouraged to explore other options.

Dermabrasion is performed in a doctor's office, dermatologist's office, medical spa or a skincare clinic. A sedative or local anesthetic may be used while performing this procedure, while others are treated under general anesthetic. The skin is first treated with an antiseptic and then sprayed with a Freon spray to freeze it. A handheld motorized rotary tool with an abrasive brush or wheel made of sandpaper, small wires or a sanding wheel made of diamond particles is then applied to the skin. The tool removes the top layers of skin, revealing layers of underlying skin so that individuals are left with smoother skin with a more even tone.

Patients recovering from dermabrasion are discouraged from engaging in any strenuous activities, and should not shave or perform other activities that may irritate the skin. Sun exposure should also be avoided as much as possible in the first couple of weeks. Patients may feel like their skin has been abraded in the first few days. The skin may be swollen and a scab may form in these initial days. The swelling should subside shortly thereafter and the scab may begin to come off. Patients may be encouraged to take medication for any pain and antibiotics to prevent infection, but must first consult their physician. Over the next month or two, the skin should begin to regain its natural color for optimal results.

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