Is Laser Hair Removal Right for You?

Laser hair removal is a cosmetic procedure that has helped patients in Columbus, Ohio and around the country get rid of unwanted hair in a safe, effective manner. Unwanted hair can be removed using laser technology directed on the skin's surface and is advantageous over other hair removal procedures and methods such as tweezing and waxing, which can be quite painful and uncomfortable. Laser hair removal is considered a safe procedure when it is performed properly by a trained professional. The best candidates for laser hair removal are those with light skin and dark hair, although those with other skin tones and hair colors may find success as well.

Dark skinned individuals and individuals with blonde, gray or red hair may not find this procedure as successful. The regrowth of hair following treatment is often lighter and of a finer texture. Laser hair removal is especially helpful when large areas of hair need to be removed. However, there are certain disadvantages that interested individuals should be aware of as well.

Eye goggles are required during the procedure to protect against accidental exposure to the laser. In some cases, regrowth of hair following this procedure may be patchy or patterned. Some even find this treatment painful and some may not find this procedure to be helpful in removing unwanted hair. The procedure can even run very expensive. It is important to seek a trained professional, as improper application of treatment or overexposure to the laser light may lead to burns, lesions and skin discoloration that is long-lasting.

It is important that interested individuals speak with a medical professional in the Columbus area to go over these advantages and disadvantages prior to receiving treatment. Patients should understand the treatment in detail so they understand the risks and benefits of the procedure.

There are various factors that may be adjusted on a patient-by-patient basis for comfort, effectiveness and safety. These include the pulse length and fluence. Lasers with longer pulses are considered safer, while the fluence refers to the selection of energy levels and may be varied depending on the skin type. The delay, or time between the pulses, may also be adjusted to determine how long the skin and hair follicle are allowed to cool between the pulses.

The spot size may also be adjusted. Larger spot sizes penetrate deeper and a good selection will allow the technician performing the procedure to hair follicles at whichever depth it grows. Lastly, the method of cooling may be adjusted as well. Surrounding skin may be protected using a gel or a spray, while a cooled tip may also be used.

There are four types of lasers that may be used in performing this procedure. They are the alexandrite, ruby, diode and ND, and LP ND Yag lasers. Interested individuals should speak with a medical professional in Columbus for more information about these lasers and about the procedure in general so that they understand the process of laser hair removal.

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