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Lip enhancement is an injectable procedure that has helped patients in Cooper City, Florida and in other areas of the country achieve fuller, more attractive lips. What's more, lip enhancement may even help to reduce wrinkles or lines around the mouth. There are a few options that patients have when seeking fuller and plumper lips, so talking to a medical professional who is trained and knowledgeable about cosmetic options such as this is encouraged.

Several substances may be injected into the lips to achieve this goal. Human or bovine (cow) collagen may be used, while injectables containing hyaluronic acid or synthetics such as silicone may be used as well. In other procedures, fat that the patient donates from other areas of his or her body can be injected into the lips.

Collagen, hyaluronic acid and fat will eventually be absorbed by the body, so patients often require repeat treatments to maintain results. Silicone injections, however, are considered permanent. Silicone may have more side effects than other options, so, as is often true, you get the bad with the good. Other more permanent options also exist that should be discussed with a trained professional in the Cooper City area.

In many cases, just one injection of the filler is often all that is needed to achieve desired results, but multiple injections may be required in some cases. Some options even allow for surgical implantation of the filler. Tiny incisions on the corners of the mouth may be used for procedures that may be surgically implanted.

Most patients are able to return to work or resume other normal daily activities immediately following the procedure, although some require a day to recover if they are sedated for the procedure. Recovery may last about a week when the filler is surgically implanted. Some side effects to be aware of include allergic reactions. Although rare, they may cause prolonged redness, swelling, itching or firmness at the injection site. Infection and bleeding are also considered possible side effects, while lip asymmetry or the migration or extrusion of implants may also be possible. Swelling and bruising normally lasts about three weeks.

Patients are often given a pre-treatment collagen skin test, which if they fail they are typically not considered candidates for lip augmentation. As each treatment is different and offers its own unique benefits, discussing one's options with a trained professional in the Cooper City area is encouraged for those interested in lip augmentation or other cosmetic procedures.

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