VI Peel: A Medical-Grade Chemical Peel to Improve the Skin's Appearance

Individuals in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania and throughout the country have found success through VI Peel, a medical-grade chemical peel that is designed to help individuals with various skin conditions or cosmetic blemishes improve the appearance of their skin. Individuals with sun damage, acne, wrinkles, unevenness or age spots may find success through this treatment. By applying a chemical solution to the skin, the surface layers of the skin are removed so healthy skin underneath is revealed. Collagen production within the tissue is encouraged to give the skin a more youthful appearance.

VI Peel may be an option for patients of all skin types, is less painful than other chemical peels and there is minimal downtime or recovery. Some chemical peel procedures may require a recovery period that can span up to a month depending on the degree of the peel. Moisturizer may be used to reduce the appearance of peeling and patients may resume their normal activities and return to work immediately following treatment, although strenuous activities should be avoided.

Patients may notice positive results after just a couple of days following treatment. Just one session may be all that is required to reach optimal results, although some patients may choose to schedule multiple sessions spaced a couple of weeks apart. Many also choose to undergo maintenance treatments a couple of times per year to maintain their results. For more specific information regarding results and what you should expect, speak with a medical professional well-versed in VI Peel in the Bethlehem area.

The skin may appear reddish or tan for a period of time following treatment, although makeup may be used to conceal this appearance. Makeup may be worn before or after the skin goes through the peeling process, but not during the actual process. The skin typically begins to peel after about three days and continues for about a week. Moisturizer may be worn to minimize the appearance of the peeling, although, as mentioned, makeup should be avoided. Patients may notice that the skin is more sensitive during the peeling process.

There is no pretreatment required before VI Peel is performed and the procedure may be performed in a doctor's office, clinic or medical spa. The area being treated is thoroughly cleaned and the peel is spread over the area. A minor stinging sensation is normal throughout the process that typically lasts 20 to 30 minutes, although most patients are comfortable throughout. The peel must be left on the skin for five hours following the appointment, although they may resume their normal activities.

As VI Peel is considered a cosmetic procedure, it is typically not covered by insurance. Patients should speak with a physician as well as their insurance company for more information.

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