Chemical Peels and Signs of Aging

Those struggling with the signs of aging in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina or in other parts of the country should look into chemical peels to get rid of various signs of aging such as wrinkles, fine lines, sun damage and other concerns. These treatments have even been used to treat acne. Those who are interested in learning more should speak with a professional in their area to determine which type of chemical peel is right for them, as there are several to choose from. Chemical peels are available from the superficial peels to the medium peels to the deep peels.

Superficial peels might use a combination of a low potency glycolic acid and 10 to 20% TCA. These peels penetrate only the dead skin cells that lie on top of the skin. Very little to no injury is done to the epidermis or dermis with these peels. Some call superficial peels exfoliations. Next there is the light peel, which uses about 70% glycolic acid and 25 to 35% TCA. These injure the epidermis, stimulating the growth of a new epidermis. Some feel a burning sensation during this procedure, but the recovery is very quick and usually hassle-free. Some call this the 'lunchtime peel' because it can be done on a lunch break from work.

Then there's the medium peel, which uses about 35% TCA and glycolic acid. This peel injures the top part of the dermis, stimulating collagen production to add volume to the skin. Minimal discomfort might be present while performing this procedure and patients feel a burning sensation in some cases. A topical anesthetic or cool compress might be helpful. Finally there's the deep peel. This penetrates midway through the dermis and a phenol solution is used to apply this peel. The deeper peels offer more dramatic results, but the risks are greater and the recovery is longer. Anesthesia is administered during treatment and the patient's vital signs must be monitored throughout.

It's always important to discuss the risks and potential complications associated with each chemical peel before undergoing treatment. With the lighter treatments, risk is typically minimal, but the results are not as drastic. With deeper peels, the risks are greater, but the results are usually more drastic. People might respond to chemical peels in different ways, so speak with a Myrtle Beach cosmetic specialist to go over each treatment option available to determine which fits your needs.

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