Chemical Peels and Cosmetic Treatment

Those with cosmetic concerns in Dayton, Ohio or in other parts of the country should seek consultation with a local cosmetic treatment specialist to help them determine which procedures or treatments may help them achieve their goals. There is a variety of treatments available on the market, and a thorough research of all options is often helpful in understanding which is right for you. The consultation of a professional is also vital to ensuring that you receive the appropriate treatment to help you reach your goals.

Chemical peels are one of the many treatment options available at cosmetic treatment facilities in Dayton and in other parts of the country. They are commonly used to treat acne, wrinkles, fine lines, and other concerns. Depending on the condition that the patient wants to treat as well as the level of results they want, different depths of chemical peel treatments are used. This can vary from the most superficial peels to the deeper peels. With each level comes various risks and recovery guidelines, so putting some serious thought into it is recommended. Again, a specialist in the area will help you figure out which is right for you.

Superficial peels might use glycolic acid to produce a light and very superficial injury to the epidermis. In a lot of cases, superficial peels produce no injury to the skin and penetrate only the dead skin cells on top of the epidermis. A light peel is used to treat subtle photo-aging or scarring. 70% glycolic acid and 25-35% TCA is often used to produce injury to the epidermis. This leads to the regeneration of the epidermis, treating some of the more subtle cosmetic concerns. 

Medium depth peels use 35% TCS in a lot of cases along with glycolic acid. They injure the top part of the dermis, which helps to produce new collagen and plump the skin for greater volume. It might be helpful in treating various concerns such as acne scarring. A deep peel will treat to the middle of the dermis and is a fairly serious procedure. The patient will be put under using a general anesthetic, and their vital signs are monitored throughout the procedure. The results are more dramatic, treating deep furrows and scars. Recovery requires the use of occlusive bandages and can be long-lasting; sometimes up to a month long. Patients should consult their Dayton cosmetic specialist before receiving any peel, especially deep peels.

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