The Ins and Outs of Photodynamic Therapy

Individuals in the Nashville, Tennessee community who are experiencing various cosmetic concerns such as wrinkles, discoloration, or acne may find relief through a minimally-invasive treatment called photodynamic therapy. The procedure was used to treat skin cancers, and was later used to treat other types of cancer such as lung cancer, colon cancer. It's even been used as a treatment for certain types of blindness. Now it has been used for various cosmetic purposes, and has been successful in helping patients reach certain goals.

The procedure works by applying a drug called a photosensitizer, which is absorbed by certain cells, and later exposing the treatment area to a special light sourced. This creates a reaction that destroys the cells targeted in the treatment. The result can be improvement in age spots, wrinkles, and visible veins. The cells, oil glands, and other structures of the skin will absorb the photosensitizer and once the light source is applied to the area the reaction destroys these structures to help achieve certain goals.

The photosensitizer will be left on for a certain amount of time, and is removed after the light source is applied to the skin. Some patients may feel transient burning, stinging, swelling, and redness in the treatment area. The side effects present may vary depending on the structures or conditions that are treated, as well as the length of time the photosensitizer is left on the skin. The type of light source used to create the reaction with the photosensitizer will also determine the possible side effects of treatment. Long-term side effects are not yet fully understood, as there have been no long-term studies to determine the effects.

The procedure is not as destructive as certain deep peels or laser treatments, and the recovery time is relatively short. However, the relative youth of the procedure for cosmetic purposes means that long-term side effects are not fully known. The long-term benefits are also not understood because of the lack of long-term studies that have been conducted. 

Make sure you speak with a Nashville cosmetic specialist to learn more about the procedure, and to determine whether it is a viable option for accomplishing your goals or if another treatment may be better for you. Each session of treatment may range in price from $550 to $800 depending on one's geographic area, extent of treatment, and the clinic that they choose.

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