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Dermabrasion Questions

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What's the difference between dermabration and microdermabration?
Dermabrasion -1 answer
Is one procedure better than the other for darker skinned people? Is there any new way to get rid of hyperpigmentation on darker skin? Read more
Can I have microdermabrasion after an at-home glycolic peel?
Dermabrasion -1 answer
My appointment for microdermabrasion is tomorrow. Two days ago I put a bit of 30% glycolic acid on my face. I didn't put the product all over, just on my nose and cheeks. I only left it on for two minutes. Now,... Read more
Would dermabrasion or some other treatment remove the dark brown spot on my legs?
Dermabrasion -1 answer
I've had a big, dark brown circle on my legs ever since I was child. It resulted from being fat during my childhood. My legs used to hit each other, even near my private spot. I'm very shy about wearing short s... Read more
Can dermabrasion cause melasma?
Dermabrasion -1 answer
I had a dermabrasion treatment that left dark markings on my cheeks. How can I correct it and get my skin back to normal? Read more
Methods to get rid of scaring?
Dermabrasion -1 answer
I had lipo a few years back. I have 4 scars midway up my back that are large, dimpled and are very noticeable. Also I have deep ance scars in the middle of my chest. Is there something that can be done to help ... Read more
I have severe itching on my upper torso with signs of a rash.
Dermabrasion -1 answer
I have a very bad case of itching on my upper torso with sign of a rash. What is this? Read more
Are the effects of Dermabrasion lasting?
Dermabrasion -1 answer
Do the results of Dermabrasion last longer than other skin treatments like Chemical Peels? Read more
Can I get a large tattoo removed by Dermabrasion?
Dermabrasion -1 answer
Or are other tattoo removal methods better? Read more
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What procedures can reduce pore size?
Dermabrasion -1 answer
I have huge pores and I'd like to do something to reduce them. I'm looking for something under $500. Is there anything like that? Read more

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