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JUVEDERM Questions

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After Juvederm injections do I need to massage the area to make lumps go away?
JUVEDERM -2 answers
I just had injections yesterday and now have large lumpy area next to smile lines, I thought the filler was injected in lines not tissue around it. Does this go away or does it need to be massaged into wrinkle ... Read more
How long do Juvederm injections last?
JUVEDERM -4 answers
How long will this last? Read more
Can I diminish the effects of Juvederm?
JUVEDERM -2 answers
I am unhappy with my Juvederm lipnose line filler done 2 mos ago. Now my face is puffy & upper lip is duck-like. I'd prefer not to undergo another needle. Can I do anything at home to lessen the effect or shor... Read more
How long will my bruising last after getting Juvederm injections?
JUVEDERM -3 answers
What will the approximate healing time be? Read more
Can Juvederm cause granulomas?
JUVEDERM -2 answers
Is this a common side effect of Juvederm? What can be done to treat granulomas if they occur? Read more
Is there a recommended makeup to cover bruising after Juvederm?
JUVEDERM -1 answer
I want something that will provide good coverage but not irritate my skin. Read more
Will Juvederm injection help with uneven skin after a facelift?
JUVEDERM -4 answers
I am 70 years old and had a facelift two years ago. I have several depressions on my face and would like to know if juvederm gel would help to fill in some of the depression and give my face a more rounded loo... Read more
Are there multiple forms of Juvederm?
JUVEDERM -4 answers
What are the differences? Read more
Does Vitrase melt away healthy tissues when used after Juvederm?
JUVEDERM -2 answers
I understand that vitrase melts away dermal fillers like juvederm when they are injected incorrectly or overfilled. Can Vitrase hurt my skin or natural tissues, destroying them along with the dermal filler? Read more
I used Juvederm under the eyes to lessen the hollows, and now I have bruises and my under-eye is lumpy, what should I do?
JUVEDERM -2 answers
Will my eyes stay lumpy or is this just a normal side effect? Please advise. Read more
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How long does a Juvederm treatment last?
JUVEDERM -2 answers
Will I need to repeat the treatments frequently? Read more
Which version of Juvederm is best?
JUVEDERM -1 answer
I've heard that there are multiple Juvederm formulations; which one is best? Why are there different kinds? Read more
Can Juvederm be used in non-facial areas?
JUVEDERM -3 answers
Can it be used for g-spot amplification? Read more
Does Juvederm work on upper lip wrinkles?
JUVEDERM -3 answers
Do Juvederm injections work on deep upper lip wrinkles? Read more
What is the average cost and duration of Juvederm?
JUVEDERM -1 answer
What is the average cost of a Juvederm treatment? How long does Juvederm last when injected? Read more
Ethnic background and dermal fillers
JUVEDERM -1 answer
I'm of a bi-racial ethnic background, and I've heard that some dermal fillers cause negative side effects in people of color. Is this true? What are these side effects, and does Juvederm cause them? Read more

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