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Laser Resurfacing Questions

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While I was pregnant I devloped something that looks like freckles, what are they and can I get rid of them?
Laser Resurfacing -3 answers
The freckles on my face have multiplied and have now formed what looks like very large freckles, while I was pregnant and didn't go away. What is this and is there anything I can do? Read more
What is the best treatment for Facial Veins if I have metal plates?
Laser Resurfacing -1 answer
I want to have facial veins eliminated but I have metal plates in my face. Does the presence of the metal limit the type of procedure that can have? The veins are red and near the surface and are worsening. Read more
What can I do about skin damage from a Revlite 'laser peel'?
Laser Resurfacing -2 answers
I had a Revlite laser peel three months ago that caused white spots interspersed with brown spots. Spa gave a second lighter laser peel to remove but now its worse! What can i do to get my skin back to even ski... Read more
How effective is Laser Resurfacing on post baby stretch marks?
Laser Resurfacing -4 answers
How effective is laser treatment on post baby stretch marks? Is there a better procedure for this ailment? Read more
What procedure is the best for removing moles?
Laser Resurfacing -2 answers
My neck area is full of little moles that itch, sometime become irritating, and are unsightly. What can I have done to eliminate them? Read more
Is Laser Resurfacing safe on all skin types?
Laser Resurfacing -3 answers
I've heard that laser resurfacing can be dangerous for people with darker complexions. Is this true? Are there any laser treatments that are safe for people of color? Read more
How long do Laser Resurfacing results last?
Laser Resurfacing -3 answers
I'd like to have laser resurfacing to tighten my wrinkly facial skin. I realize that the results may not be as dramatic as a surgical facelift, but how long will the results last? Are there face-tightening opti... Read more
Will a Laser Resurfacing help treat unsightly forehead veins?
Laser Resurfacing -2 answers
I have unsightly veins on one side of my forehead which appear more prominent after a hot bath or exercise. Will laser resurfacing help or are their better treatment options? Read more
I have a scar from a childhoos surgery with laser resurfacing help?
Laser Resurfacing -3 answers
I have a scar under my right ear from surgery I had when I was a child. I have a scar about the size of a quarter. I was wondering of Laser Resurfacing would be able to remove this scar. The scar is dark to... Read more
Which Laser Resurfacing Procedure is best for sun damaged skin?
Laser Resurfacing -2 answers
Which laser resurfacing procedure should I choose for sun damaged skin? Read more
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Do you have to have multiple treatments for Laser Resurfacing?
Laser Resurfacing -1 answer
I've heard that the price is $2500 my friend told me it was only 1200. Is that fee for one treatment? Also, I read online that for darker complected people it may cause scarring or dark spots to become darker... Read more
Can laser resurfacing treat rosacea?
Laser Resurfacing -3 answers
What are other recommended treatments or combinations of treatments for rosacea facial redness? Read more
How does laser resurfacing compare to other skin rejuvenation techniques?
Laser Resurfacing -3 answers
I'm trying to decide what is best: laser resurfacing, microdermabrasion, or chemical peels. Is laser resurfacing a good choicecompared to the other options out there? Read more
How long does it take to heal from a laser resurfacing treatment?
Laser Resurfacing -3 answers
How long does it take to heal to the degree that one can go out in public without makeup? Read more

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