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LipoDissolve Questions

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Can you get Lipodissolve on the lower abdomen only?
LipoDissolve -1 answer
Can you get spot treaments of Lipodissolve? Read more
Loss of 'right angle' appearance to neck
LipoDissolve -2 answers
I can neither afford the expense nor time for a lower face lift. I am 60 and hate the lack of definition that has developed under my chin. Would lipo suction address the problem? I am not overweight. Read more
Can LipoDissolve help with small pockets of fat under the chin?
LipoDissolve -1 answer
I want it done for a small pocket of fat under my chin. I read the fat is removed by the body through urination. I had a kidney transplant 4 years ago and I'm doing great. Can I still have the procedure? Read more
How long doesa LipoDissolve injection last?
LipoDissolve -2 answers
I had injections in my abdomen and it has been 2 or 3 yrs. My abdomen is still bumpy, it doesn't hurt or any pain, but I want to get pregnant and I was wondering if the injections would affect the pregnancy? Read more
If I am Lactose Intolerant can I still have LipoDissolve?
LipoDissolve -1 answer
If I am lactose Intolerant can I still have Lipodissolve? Read more
Are lumps a common side effect of LipoDissolve?
LipoDissolve -1 answer
I am interested in this procedure but I have heard that lumps under the skin sometimes occur after treatment. Is this true, and is there anything that can be done to reverse them if it happens to me? Read more
What type of medical professional can perform LipoDissolve on patients?
LipoDissolve -4 answers
What kind of medical professional should I consult, and what type of qualifications are required to perform LipoDissolve? Read more

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