Treatments that Can Be Combined with Acne Treatment

An Acne Treatment can make a great difference in your life by cleaning your skin and removing acne and prevent future outbursts. Acne Treatment can be combined with different other treatments including procedures that will rejuvenate the skin, erase acne scars or reduce wrinkles. In addition, Acne Treatment can also be combined with detoxifying diets that will clean the body, eliminating the toxins that may cause acne outbursts.

Genesis Skin Rejuvenation

Genesis is a skin rejuvenation technique that is recommended if you have acne scars, but would also like to reduce wrinkles and other age spots. The Genesis Skin Rejuvenation treatment uses lasers that will work to rejuvenate the skin by stimulating the collagen formation.


The Fraxel treatments are similar to Genesis Skin Rejuvenation, using non ablative lasers to resurface the skin and remove acne, acne scars and brighten up the appearance of the skin. The lasers will penetrate the skin and treat small areas of skin at a time. There are various Fraxel treatments that may be chosen, depending on the condition of your skin and what it requires.


Evolence is a dermal filler treatment that can be combined with Acne Treatment, if you would like to restore the volume of your face. Porcine collagen will be injected under the skin, and this won’t interact with the Acne Treatment.


Artefill is a dermal filler that is similar to Evolence and used bovine collagen. The treatment will have similar effects as Evolence, restoring volume and tightening the skin. Artefill can be combined with an Acne Treatment.


If you would like to eliminate a few pounds from sensitive areas such as the face and neck, liposuction can be applied. This procedure can be combined with Acne Treatment, as there won’t be any interaction between the treatments. The facial area should be treated with a less aggressive liposuction procedure and can be assisted by lasers, liquids or ultrasounds.


BOTOX® can be used in conjunction with an Acne Treatment. BOTOX® is an injectible treatment that uses botulinum toxin which helps relax facial muscles, resulting in fewer dynamic wrinkles. One treatment of BOTOX® will last for approximately 6 months and can be repeated. Purtox® is similar to BOTOX®, but is still pending FDA approval.

Hyaluronic Acid

The hyaluronic acid is a dermal filler treatment that can be combined with Acne Treatment, if you would like to add more volume to your face or reduce some wrinkles. The hydralurnic acid is a semi permanent dermal filler and should be reapplied periodically.


Radiesse is a wrinkle reducer treatment that will be applied in the form of injections and will not interact with an Acne Treatment. Radiesse affects the connective tissue, and this will result in tighter skin and fewer wrinkles. This treatment is mostly recommended for highly sensitive areas, such as the eye area, which may not be treated with more aggressive treatments.

Detoxifying Diet

A detoxifying diet can be applied periodically to eliminate the toxins that can gather in your body and cause acne outbursts. Talk to a nutritionist or an alternative medicine specialist to get some detoxifying diet guidelines.

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