Conditions that Epidermal Leveling Treats

Epidermal leveling, while relatively new, offers an exfoliating treatment that is suitable for both men and women. The procedure is safe and effective and works well on all skin types. The process uses a surgical instrument which removes the top layers of the skin while exposing the under layer of fresh skin.

Conditions that Epidermal Leveling Treats

Epidermal leveling treats several different skin conditions, including minor imperfections, uneven skin, pigmentation problems and acne scarring, and temporarily removes facial hair and fine aging lines. The advantage of the treatment is the results are immediate and often combined with other skin treatments such as laser or chemical peels.

Epidermal Leveling Method

While a special instrument is used during the procedure, it is a non-invasive method and completely painless. The only thing the patient feels during treatment is the instrument scraping the skin, but it is a gentle scraping. No injections are used during the procedure, and therefore there is no downtime or recovery time.

Treatments can be repeated every 4 to 6 weeks and are performed in a physician's office by a licensed esthetician. The esthetician has special training in the area of epidermal leveling, under the direction of a board certified dermatologist. The procedure is not permanent, which means if a patient normally has uneven skin, it may begin to look uneven again about 6 weeks after treatment.

The greatest benefit to epidermal leveling is that it is gentle, effective and can be repeated to keep the skin looking fresh, younger and natural. The cost of the procedure varies depending on location, but normally ranges from $80 to $160 per treatment.

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